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Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery

Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery

Serge Dibart

ISBN: 978-0-470-37641-6 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 178 Pages


Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery offers a step-by-step guide to cutting-edge surgical techniques as well as interdisciplinary treatment approaches in periodontology. It details procedures in a practical, succinct, thorough and accessible way, profiling more complex and advanced procedures, through a user-friendly and highly visual format. By presenting an innovative approach to each treatment modality, Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery provides predictable solutions to complex daily dental challenges.
List of Contributors vii

Acknowledgments ix

1. Introduction 3
Thomas Van Dyke

2. Bone Physiology and Metabolism 5
Jean-Pierre Dibart

Bone Composition 5

Bone Types 5

Bone Formation 5

Bone Density Measuring Techniques 8

Implications for Dental Treatments 8

3. The Wound-Healing Process 13
Albert Price

Anatomic Review (Emphasis on Vascular Supply) 13

The Tissues and Their Vascular Supply 13

Alveolar and Basal Bone 14

Normal Soft Connective Tissues 16

Cementum 19

Normal Epithelial Structure 19

The Wound-Healing Process Per Se 20

4. The Contribution of Periodontics to Orthodontic Therapy 23
Donald J. Ferguson, M. Thomas Wilcko, William M. Wilcko, and M. Gabriela Marquez

Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) 23

History 23

Indications 23

Biological Rationale 27

Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics in the Treatment of Crowding 28

Rapid Recovery of Impacted Teeth 28

Recovery of Labially Impacted Canines 29

Recovery of Deep Palatally Impacted Canines 35

Periodontal Surgical Procedures for Orthodontic Access, Aesthetics, and Stability 38

Miniscrew Implants for Orthodontic Anchorage 43

History 43

Indications 43

Armamentarium 47

Complications 49

5. The Contribution of Periodontics to Endodontic Therapy: The Surgical Management of Periradicular Periodontitis 51
Mani Moulazadeh

History and Evolution 51

Tooth Conservation Versus Implants 51

Treatment of Failed Root Canal Therapy 52

Rationale for Endodontic Surgery 52

Indications for Endodontic Surgery 52

Contraindications for Endodontic Surgery 54

Types of Endodontic Surgery 56

Periradicular Surgery 58

Phases of Apicoectomy and Surgical Technique 59

Recall 67

6. The Contribution of Periodontics to Prosthodontics: Treatment Planning of Patients Requiring Combined Periodontal and Prosthodontic Care 69
Haneen N. Bokhadoor, Nawaf J. Al-Dousari, and Steven Morgano

Introduction 69

Diagnostic Phase (Data Collection) 69

Treatment-Planning Phase 70

Final Prognosis 71

Conclusion 114

7. The Contribution of Periodontics to the Correction of Vertical Alveolar Ridge Deficiencies 117
Serge Dibart

Alveolar Distraction Osteogenesis Surgery 117

08. Papillary Construction After Dental Implant Therapy 127
Peyman Shahidi, Serge Dibart, and Yun Po Zhang

History 127

Indications 127

Contraindications 127

Armamentarium 127

Technique 127

Postoperative Instructions 129

Surgical Indexing 129

Possible Complications 129

Healing 130

9. Dental Implant Placement Including the Use of Short Implants 131
Albert Price and Ming Fang Su

History 131

Indications 133

Technique 134

Implant Placement 134

Site Preparation 135

Fixture Installation 138

Possible Problems and Complications 138

10. Periodontal Medicine Including Biopsy Techniques 143
Vikki Noonan and Sadru Kabani

Gingival Nodules 143

Parulis 143

Fibroma 143

Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma 144

Pyogenic Granuloma 144

Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma 144

Diagnosis and Treatment of Reactive Gingival Nodules 144

Gingival Cyst of the Adult 144

Mucocele 145

Desquamative Gingivitis 146

Lichen Planus 146

Pemphigus Vulgaris 146

Mucous Membrane (Cicatricial) Pemphigoid 147

Diagnosis and Treatment of Desquamative Gingival Lesions 147

Plasma Cell Gingivitis 148

Erythema Multiforme 149

Gingival Enlargement 149

Epulis Fissuratum 149

Medication-Induced Gingival Overgrowth 150

Hyperplastic Gingivitis 150

Leukemia 150

Gingival Fibromatosis 151

Ligneous Gingivitis and Conjunctivitis 151

Wegener’s Granulomatosis 151

Pigmented Lesions 151

Physiologic Pigmentation 152

Medication-Induced Pigmentation 152

Smoker’s Melanosis 152

Amalgam Tattoo 153

Melanotic Macule 153

Oral Melanoacanthoma (Melanoacanthosis) 154

Oral Melanocytic Nevus 154

Oral Melanoma 154

Sanguinara-Induced Leukoplakia 155

Proliferative Verrucous Leukoplakia 155

Malignant Neoplasia 155

Squamous Cell Carcinoma 156

Verrucous Carcinoma 156

Metastatic Disease 157

Infections 157

Herpes 157

HIV-Associated Gingivitis 158

Oral Soft Tissue Biopsy Techniques 158

Armamentarium 159

Incisional Scalpel Biopsy 159

Excisional Scalpel Biopsy 159

Biopsy Data Sheet 160

11. Sinus Augmentation Using Tissue-Engineered Bone 165
Ulrike Schulze-Späte and Luigi Montesani

History 165

Indications 165

Contraindications 165

Armamentarium 166

Sinus Augmentation Using Tissue-Engineered Bone Discs 166

Transplant Implantation Surgery (Sinus Augmentation Procedure Using Tissue-Engineered Bone Discs) 167

Index 173

"This text is unique, practical and reader friendly…I would recommend it as essential reading, especially for trainee periodontists." British Dental Journal<!--end-->

  • Practical and easy to use step-by-step format

  • Highly illustrated with clinical photography detailing each surgical procedure

  • Profiles the most innovative techniques in periodontal surgery

  • Introduces and explains advanced surgical procedures

  • Features pros and cons as well as limitations of various procedures and treatments, their potential complications and their resolution