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Practical Cryptography

Niels Ferguson, Bruce Schneier

ISBN: 978-0-471-22357-3 April 2003 432 Pages


Security is the number one concern for businesses worldwide. The gold standard for attaining security is cryptography because it provides the most reliable tools for storing or transmitting digital information. Written by Niels Ferguson, lead cryptographer for Counterpane, Bruce Schneier's security company, and Bruce Schneier himself, this is the much anticipated follow-up book to Schneier's seminal encyclopedic reference, Applied Cryptography, Second Edition (0-471-11709-9), which has sold more than 150,000 copies.
Niels Ferguson (Amsterdam, Netherlands) is a cryptographic engineer and consultant at Counterpane Internet Security. He has extensive experience in the creation and design of security algorithms, protocols, and multinational security infrastructures. Previously, Ferguson was a cryptographer for DigiCash and CWI. At CWI he developed the first generation of off-line payment protocols. He has published numerous scientific papers.
Bruce Schneier (Minneapolis, MN) is Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Counterpane Internet Security, a managed-security monitoring company. He is also the author of Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World (0-471-25311-1).

1. Our Design Philosophy.

2. The Context of Cryptography.

3. Introduction to Cryptography.

I  Message Security.

4. Block Ciphers.

5. Block Cipher Modes.

6. Hash Functions.

7. Message Authentication Codes.

8. The Secure Channel.

9. Implementation. Issues (I).

II  Key Negotiation.

10. Generating Randomness.

11. Primes.

12. Diffie-Hellman.

13. RSA.

14. Introduction to Cryptographic Protocols.

15. Negotiation Protocol.

16. Implementation Issues.

III  Key Management.

17. The Clock.

18. Key Servers.

19. The Dream of PKI.

20. PKI Reality.

21. PKI Practicalities.

22. Storing Secrets.

IV  Miscellaneous.

23. Standards.

24. Patents.

25. Involving Experts.





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