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Practical Dispersion: A Guide to Understanding and Formulating Slurries

Practical Dispersion: A Guide to Understanding and Formulating Slurries

R. F. Conley

ISBN: 978-0-471-18640-3

May 1996

464 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Practical Dispersion A Guide to Understanding and Formulating Slurries Robert F. Conley This book is a practical guide to producing slurries more efficiently, intelligently, and economically. It provides hands-on knowledge of sufficient technical depth to allow those personnel involved in on-going dispersion practices to feel more proficient in making system modifications, as well as to meet the specific mechanical, chemical, environmental, and other requirements of their customers. To this end, a broad description of dispersants, their functions, and field applications has been provided. Dispersant activities are defined on the basis of solid and agent structures and affinities. This book is intended for technical personnel in the many industries involved with slurry processing either in materials production or application, and whose day-to-day activities lie in manufacturing such dispersed products as paints; pigment premixes; treated metallic, inorganic, and organic powders; food products; cosmetics; pharmaceuticals; and dyes and inks.
Introduction to the Iron Oxides.

Crystal Structure.

Cation Substitution.

Crystal Morphology and Size.

Surface Area and Porosity.

Electronic, Electrical and Magnetic Properties.




Surface Chemistry and Colloidal Stability.

Adsorption of Ions and Molecules.




Rocks and Ores.



Products of Ion Metal Corrosion.