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Practical Exercise Therapy, 4th Edition



Practical Exercise Therapy, 4th Edition

Margaret Hollis (Editor), Phyllis Fletcher Cook (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-632-04973-8 August 1999 292 Pages


This book has become established as the standard textbook in the principles and practice of exercise therapy for student physiotherapists and qualified practitioners. It contains extensively illustrated chapters on all forms of active and passive movement. The fourth edition is co-edited by Phyllis Fletcher-Cook, who has totally revised the chapter on Breathing Exercies and those on the Neurophysiological basis of movement. Finally, there are many updated sections as well.
Introduction; Biomechanics; Fundamental and Derived Positions; Relaxation; Passive Movements; Respiratory Care - basic exercises; Apparatus: small, soft and large; Suspension; Springs, Thera-bands, Pulleys, Weights and Water; Re-education of Walking; Examination, Assessment and Recording of Muscle Strength; Mobilization of Joints; Assessment of a Patients Suitability for Group Treatment; Group Exercise; Preparation of Group Activities; Exercises for Infants and Children; Special Regimes; Neurophysiology of Movement; Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF); PNF Arm Patterns; PNF Leg Patterns; PNF Head and Neck, Scapular and Trunk; PNF Techniques; Functional Activities on Mats; Balance; Gait; Index.
* information is provided in a clear and logical manner * excellent use of illustrations throughout * the only text currently available with practical guidance through a number of exercise therapy areas * provides data on small equipment and walking aids that is difficult to find elsewhere