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Practical Genetics for Aquaculture

Practical Genetics for Aquaculture

C. Greg Lutz

ISBN: 978-0-470-99982-0

Apr 2008, Wiley-Blackwell

256 pages



Over recent years there have been major advances in the application of molecular, biotechnological and genetic techniques to a wide range of aquatic species. Until now, many working in a hands-on capacity in the area of aquaculture have not known what the benefits of this work could be to them. This important new book redresses this situation, providing clear details of the available scientific information and the direct application of techniques under simple and practical situations.


1 Overview.

2 Gene Action I: Qualitative Traits.

3 Gene Action II: Inheritance of Quantitative Traits.

4 Selection and Realized Heritability.

5 Inbreeding, Crossbreeding and Hybridization.

6 Chromosomal Genetics I: Gynogenesis and Androgenesis.

7 Chromosomal Genetics II: Polyploidy.

8 Sex Determination and Control.

9 Control and Induction of Maturation and Spawning.

10 Transgenic Aquatic Organisms.

11 Genetic Threats to Wild Stocks and Ecosystems.


*essential information for anyone involved in fish/invertebrate aquaculture.
*practically-orientated, user-friendly presentation
*author has many years' hands-on experience.