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Practical Health Promotion, 2nd Edition

John Hubley, June Copeman, James Woodall (With)

ISBN: 978-0-745-69972-1 June 2015 Polity 392 Pages


The second edition of this popular introductory textbook has been fully revised to provide a totally up-to-date guide to the practical aspects of promoting health. Focusing on the range of skills needed to become an effective practitioner, it takes readers step-by-step through the different settings in which health promotion takes place, and the various tools they might employ. The book offers accessible and comprehensive coverage of all the key topics in contemporary health promotion, including chapters on health promotion through the lifespan, one-to-one communication, working with groups, using the media and digital technologies, advocacy, and planning and management.

As well as incorporating the most recent government policies and initiatives in public health, the new edition draws on the very latest literature and statistics. In particular, there is new and expanded material on issues such as: community initiatives and social capital; novel resources offered by digital technologies; health literacy; health in the media; stress in the workplace, and much more.

Throughout the text there are activities to develop students’ understanding and encourage reflective practice. Each chapter opens with a list of the central issues and learning objectives, and key terms highlighted in the text are clearly explained. Carefully chosen figures and photographs enliven and reinforce the text, while a well-designed website ( offers up-to-date online resources to test and extend students’ learning.

The new edition of Practical Health Promotion will continue to be the ideal and indispensable practical guide to health promotion for students at all levels. It will inspire anyone involved with health care to find practical ways of promoting positive change.

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PART I Health Promotion Needs Assessment
Chapter 1 Health Promotion and Public Health
Chapter 2 Epidemiological Tools for Health Promotion
Chapter 3 Understanding Health and Illness Behaviours
Chapter 4 Health Promotion through the Lifespan
PART II Defining Health Promotion Strategy: Health Promotion Methods
Chapter 5 One-to-One Communication
Chapter 6 Health Promotion with Groups
Chapter 7 Mass Media
Chapter 8 Print Media
Chapter 9 Electronic Media and the Internet
Chapter 10 Advocacy
PART III Defining Health Promotion Strategy: Settings in Health Promotion
Chapter 11 Community settings
Chapter 12 Heath-Facility Settings
Chapter 13 The Workplace Setting
Chapter 14 Settings Used by Children and Young People
Chapter 15 Institutional Settings
PART IV Implementation, Evaluation and Reflection
Chapter 16 Planning and Management of Health Promotion
Chapter 17 Evaluation and Reflection
- Refers to the latest policies and government initiatives relating to health promotion, such as the Health Child Programme, Expert Patient Programme, and new Dept of Education goals for health promotion in schools
- All data and statistics updated
- Incorporates the very latest literature on health promotion and public health
- Further reading sections substantially updated and revised
- Extra material on issues such as: community initiatives and social capital; latest opportunities offered by digital technologies; health literacy; health in the media; stress in the workplace, and much more

"Packed with examples, activities, definitions and explanations of terms, the second edition of Practical Health Promotion is a clear and helpful guide for those seeking to understand and engage in health promotion practice. Its approach is straightforward and level-headed, never losing sight of the fact that, while often a complex and difficult enterprise, health promotion at its heart is about understanding and improving the lives of individuals, communities and populations."
Peter Duncan, King's College London

"I am delighted that this second edition continues the good work of the first in competence, sophistication and, above all, practicality! Maintaining the standards of the first edition and taking into account current developments, the new edition maximizes sophisticated understanding with practical application."
Keith Tones, Emeritus Professor, Leeds Beckett University

"Practical Health Promotion provides an excellent overview of this evolving discipline, based on UK health promotion practice, but also useful in other high- or low-income country settings. A wide range of health promotion settings are covered including health facilities, communities, workplaces, schools and institutional settings for the elderly and disabled. The key methods of health promotion are concisely sub-divided into approaches for one-to-one communication, group communication and mass, print and electronic media. This is an excellent book and we highly recommend it to health professionals during their study and practice of health promotion."
John Walley and Rebecca King, University of Leeds

  • The most introductory and practically focused textbook on health promotion available
  • New edition brings the book right up-to-date with latest guidelines, health promotion issues, as well as methods and resources such as digital technologies
  • Full of thoughtfully compiled pedagogical tools, such as practical learning activities, case studies, and resources for further guidance
  • Accompanied by a feature-packed website