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Practical Image and Video Processing Using MATLAB

Oge Marques

ISBN: 978-0-470-04815-3 September 2011 Wiley-IEEE Press 704 Pages



This is the first book to combine image and video processing with a practical MATLAB®-oriented approach in order to demonstrate the most important image and video techniques and algorithms. Utilizing minimal math, the contents are presented in a clear, objective manner, emphasizing and encouraging experimentation.

The book has been organized into two parts. Part I: Image Processing begins with an overview of the field, then introduces the fundamental concepts, notation, and terminology associated with image representation and basic image processing operations. Next, it discusses MATLAB® and its Image Processing Toolbox with the start of a series of chapters with hands-on activities and step-by-step tutorials. These chapters cover image acquisition and digitization; arithmetic, logic, and geometric operations; point-based, histogram-based, and neighborhood-based image enhancement techniques; the Fourier Transform and relevant frequency-domain image filtering techniques; image restoration; mathematical morphology; edge detection techniques; image segmentation; image compression and coding; and feature extraction and representation.

Part II: Video Processing presents the main concepts and terminology associated with analog video signals and systems, as well as digital video formats and standards. It then describes the technically involved problem of standards conversion, discusses motion estimation and compensation techniques, shows how video sequences can be filtered, and concludes with an example of a solution to object detection and tracking in video sequences using MATLAB®.

Extra features of this book include:

  • More than 30 MATLAB® tutorials, which consist of step-by-step guides toexploring image and video processing techniques using MATLAB®
  • Chapters supported by figures, examples, illustrative problems, and exercises
  • Useful websites and an extensive list of bibliographical references

This accessible text is ideal for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in digital image and video processing courses, as well as for engineers, researchers, software developers, practitioners, and anyone who wishes to learn about these increasingly popular topics on their own.

List of Figures xxi

List of Tables xxxix

Foreword xli

Preface xliii

Acknowledgments xlix

Part I Image Processing

1 Introduction and Overview 3

2 Image Processing Basics 21

3 MATLAB Basics 35

4 The Image Processing Toolbox at A Glance 61

5 Image Sensing and Acquisition 83

6 Arithmetic and Logic Operations 103

7 Geometric Operations 125

8 Gray-Level Transformations 151

9 Histogram Processing 171

10 Neighborhood Processing 203

11 Frequency-Domain Filtering 235

12 Image Restoration 265

13 Morphological Image Processing 299

14 Edge Detection 335

15 Image Segmentation 365

16 Color Image Processing 387

17 Image Compression and Coding 427

18 Feature Extraction and Representation 447

19 Visual Pattern Recognition 475

Part II Video Processing

20 Video Fundamentals 501

21 Video Sampling Rate And Standards Conversion 541

22 Digital Video Processing Techniques and Applications 561

Appendix A: Human Visual Perception 591

Appendix B: GUI Development 611

References 619

Index 627

  • Includes many extra features such as exercises, computer projects, useful Web sites, and an extensive list of bibliographical references
  • Provides complete, up-to-date, technically accurate, and practical coverage of essential topics in image and video processing techniques
  • Contains more than 50 MATLAB tutorials
  • Adopts a "Just Enough Math" philosophy