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Practical Proteomics

Practical Proteomics

Albert Sickmann

ISBN: 978-0-470-02794-3

Oct 2015

528 pages


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Practical Proteomics will provide detailed information for students and scientists who want to extend their knowledge of sophisticated state-of-the-art applications in protein analysis. It is a theoretical as well as a practical guideline for laboratory usage providing much background information. Covering a broad variety of proteomic applications (mass spectrometry, high performance liquid chromatography, (gel) electrophoresis, membrane proteins, protein complexes, quantification, analysis of post-translational modifications, etc.) this book will help its reader to address specific questions the right way by choosing the most efficient, the fastest and the most reliable analytical strategy.        

 This book aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice for a huge variety of methods used in proteomics, and provide the standard text for proteomics researchers. It will provide an essential introduction to this emerging new discipline for:

  • Graduate students, postdocs and final-year undergraduates
  • Proteomics researchers in industry and academia
  • Scientists moving into proteomics from other disciplines such as chemistry, life sciences, and computing.