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Practical Psychodermatology

Anthony Bewley (Editor), Ruth E. Taylor (Editor), Jason S. Reichenberg (Editor), Michelle Magid (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-56066-2 February 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 296 Pages


Skin disease can be more than skin deep
Our skin is one of the first things people notice about us. Blemishes, rashes, dry, flaky skin – all these can breed insecurity, even suicidality, even though the basic skin condition is relatively benign. Skin disease can lead to psychiatric disturbance.

But symptoms of skin disease can also indicate psychological disturbance. Scratching, scarring, bleeding, rashes. These skin disturbances can be the result of psychiatric disease.

How do you help a dermatological patient with a psychological reaction? How do you differentiate psychological causes from true skin disease? These are challenges that ask dermatologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and other health care specialists to collaborate.

Practical Psychodermatology provides a simple, comprehensive, practical and up-to-date guide for the management of patients with psychocutaneous disease. Edited by dermatologists and psychiatrists to ensure it as relevant to both specialties it covers:

  • History and examination
  • Assessment and risk management
  • Psychiatric aspects of dermatological disease
  • Dermatological aspects of psychiatric disease
  • Management and treatment

The international and multi-specialty approach of Practical Psychodermatology provides a unique toolkit for dermatologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and other health care specialists needing to care for patients whose suffering is more than skin deep.

Contributors, vii

Foreword, xi

Preface, xiii

Section 1: Introduction

1 Introduction, 3
Anthony Bewley, Michelle Magid, Jason S. Reichenberg and Ruth E. Taylor

2 History and examination, 11
Ruth E. Taylor, Jason S. Reichenberg, Michelle Magid and Anthony Bewley

Section 2: Management in psychodermatology

3 Psychopharmacology in psychodermatology, 21
Sussann Kotara, Michelle Magid and Maureen Burrows

4 Adherence in the treatment of chronic skin diseases, 33
Laura F. Sandoval, Christine S. Ahn and Steven R. Feldman

5 Psychological assessment and interventions for people with skin disease, 40
Reena B. Shah

6 Risk and risk management in psychodermatology, 50
William H. Reid and Simon Kirwin

7 Self-help for management of psychological distress associated with skin conditions, 60
Andrew R. Thompson

8 Habit reversal therapy: a behavioural approach to atopic eczema and other skin conditions, 66
Christopher Bridgett

9 Nursing interventions in psychodermatology, 72
Fiona Cowdell and Steven Ersser

Section 3: Skin diseases with secondary psychiatric disorders

10 Psychological impact of hair loss, 81
Paul Farrant and Sue McHale

11 Psoriasis and psychodermatology, 90
Christine Bundy, Lis Cordingley and Chris Griffi ths

12 Living well with a skin condition: what it takes, 97
Henrietta Spalding, Wendy Eastwood, Krysia Saul and Susan Bradbrooke

13 Chronic skin disease and anxiety, depression and other affective disorders, 104
Steven Reid and Wojtek Wojcik

Section 4: Psychiatric disorders with secondary skin manifestations

14 Delusional infestation, 117
Peter Lepping, Roland Freudenmann and Markus Huber

15 Body dysmorphic disorder, 127
Emma Baldock and David Veale

16 Pickers, pokers, and pullers: obsessive-compulsive and related disorders in dermatology, 134
Jonathan S. Abramowitz and Ryan J. Jacoby

17 Factitious skin disorder (dermatitis artefacta), 142
Jonathan Millard and Leslie Millard

Section 5: Cutaneous sensory (pain) disorders

18 Medically unexplained symptoms and health anxieties: somatic symptom and related disorders, 153
Angharad Ruttley, Audrey Ng and Anna Burnside

19 Dysesthetic syndromes, 164
Sara A. Hylwa, Mark D.P. Davis and Mark R. Pittelkow

20 Chronic idiopathic mucocutaneous pain syndromes: vulvodynia, penodynia, and scrotodynia, 173
Peter J. Lynch and Libby Edwards

21 Burning mouth syndrome, 180
Alison Bruce, Rochelle R. Torgerson, Cooper C. Wriston and Tania M. Gonzalez Santiago

22 Nodular prurigo, 186
Wei Sheng Tan, Hong Liang Tey and Mark B.Y. Tang

Section 6: Special populations and situations

23 Child and adolescent psychodermatology, 197
Birgit Westphal and Osman Malik

24 Psychodermato-oncology: psychological reactions to skin cancer, 206
Andrew G. Affleck and Lesley Howells

25 Botulinum toxin treatment in depression, 216
M. Axel Wollmer, Michelle Magid and Tillmann H.C. Kruger

26 The Morgellons debate, 220
Jason S. Reichenberg and Michelle Magid

27 Substance misuse and the dermatology patient, 224
Alexander Verner

Glossary, 231

Appendix: Screening questionnaires and scales, 238

Index, 268

“Concise, well-organized, and approachable, Practical Psychodermatology will prove to be a useful reference for any dermatologist seeking to improve or solidify their management of the skin-psyche interface.”  (Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 1 May 2015) 

“Overall this was a fascinating book, containing a vast amount of information and practical suggestions for managing complicated patients.”  (British Journal of Dermatology, 1 May 2015)