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Practical Software Maintenance: Best Practices for Managing Your Software Investment

Practical Software Maintenance: Best Practices for Managing Your Software Investment

Thomas M. Pigoski

ISBN: 978-0-471-17001-3

Nov 1996

400 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The amount of time and expense spent debugging, customizing, updating, and maintaining software far outstrips the amount spent buying it. This book provides a simple and straightforward introduction to software maintenance activities that work. It is the first book to cover software transition--the process of moving the product from developer to maintainer. Written by one of the world's foremost experts on software maintenance, it draws on real world case studies to explore basic do's and don'ts, IEEE and ISO requirements, organizational issues, and the often sticky issue of metrics. Other topics addressed include object-oriented software and client/server software, corporate education and training programs, creative cost controls, and more.
Overview of Software Maintenance.

Why Maintenance Is Expensive.

Evolution of Software Processes and Models.

A Recommended Software Maintenance Process.

Pre-Delivery Software Maintenance Activities.

Planning, Parts I & II: The Maintenance Concept and the Maintenance Plan.

Planning, Part III: Resources.


Transition Experiences, Part I. Transition Experiences, Part II.

Setting Up the Software Maintenance Organization.

Tools and Environment.

Software Maintenance Metrics.

Software Maintenance Metrics Experiences.


Software Maintenance Management.

Education and Training.

Impact of Object Oriented Technology on Software Maintenance.

Software Maintenance Resources.

The Future of Software Maintenance.