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Practical Weight Management in Dogs and Cats

Practical Weight Management in Dogs and Cats

Todd L. Towell (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-96098-1

Jul 2011, Wiley-Blackwell

248 pages



Practical Weight Management in Dogs and Cats is a comprehensive, clinical reference for the veterinary health team, providing the necessary tools to successfully manage pet obesity.   Bringing together specialists in nutrition, internal medicine, critical care, and surgery and rehabilitation, the book provides an overview of prevention techniques, clinical management, and practical tips for implementing successful programs and educating owners.  Covering topics ranging from taking a nutritional history and body condition scoring to calculating food dosage and client communication tips, this book is a resource for both veterinarians and veterinary technicians to address the growing problem of pet obesity.  

The book begins by explaining the clinical importance of obesity, then moves on to diagnosing and preventing obesity.  The heart of the book is devoted to managing body weight, with chapters on nutritional, pharmacotherapeutic, and exercise strategies, and two unique chapters cover owner compliance and wellness programs. Practical Weight Management in Dogs and Cats offers a collaborative approach to managing weight in pet dogs and cats.

List of Contributors vii

Chapter 1 Clinical Importance of Canine and Feline Obesity 3
P. Jane Armstrong and Angela L. Lusby

Chapter 2 Diagnosing Obesity 23
Todd L. Towell

Chapter 3 Preventing Obesity 47
Mark A. Brady

Chapter 4 Nutritional Management of Obesity 87
Todd L. Towell and S. Dru Forrester

Chapter 5 Pharmacotherapy for Management of Canine Obesity 131
Sharon Campbell

Chapter 6 Therapeutic Exercises 149
Denis J. Marcellin-Little

Chapter 7 Owner Education and Adherence 173
Kara Burns and Todd L. Towell

Chapter 8 Implementing a Weight Management Program 201
Rebecca L. Remillard

Index 227

“This book should be a go-to resource for veterinary health teams who take weight management of their patients seriously.”   (Journal of The American Veterinary Medical Association, 15 December 2012)

“It is particularly valuable for providing practice-directed tips and pointers and addressing the real issues in trying to assess and manage overweight pets.”  (Doody’s, 26 April 2013)

“Of course, this is combined with adequate dietary changes and is an excellent way to bond the clients to the practice.”  (Vet Nurses Today, 2012)

  • Offers essential information for veterinarians and technicians alike to address pet obesity in the veterinary clinic
  • Takes a thorough, clinically oriented approach to preventing and managing obesity
  • Addresses the clinical importance, diagnosis, prevention and management of canine and feline obesity
  • Offers information on taking a nutritional history, body condition scoring, calculating food dosage, types of food options, and communicating with clients
  • Provides specific, practical strategies for managing body weight in pets
  • Includes unique chapters on owner compliance and implementing a wellness program