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Practicing Leadership Principles and Applications, 4th Edition



Practicing Leadership Principles and Applications, 4th Edition

Arthur Shriberg, David Shriberg

ISBN: 978-0-470-47295-8 September 2010 320 Pages


Practicing Leadership Principles and Applications 4th Edition is unique and insightful in its perspectiveit examines traditional and contemporary approaches to leadership through a multidisciplinary, integrated, and international lens.

Authors Arthur Shriberg and David Shriberg encourage students to develop their own leadership styles by building on their personal strengths and talents, while exploring the different approaches to leadership.  With its commitment to ethical and cultural considerations, the Practicing Leadership 4th Edition delves different aspects and applications of leadership from managerial and psychological to military and virtual.  It is through this breadth of study that students come to see, embrace, and harness their leadership potential. 

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Chapter 1: Introducing Leadership and Beginning to Form Your Personal Leadership Model

Chapter 2: Ethical Leadership

Chapter 3: Leadership in a Global and Multicultural Society 

Chapter 4: Evolution of Western Leadership

Chapter 5: Psychology I: Intelligence and Personality

Chapter 6: Psychology II: Motivation and Communication

Chapter 7: Management and Leadership

Chapter 8: Power and Leadership from the Top

Chapter 9: Teaming and Leadership

Chapter 10: Philosophy and Leadership

Chapter 11: Leadership 2.0 (Virtual Leadership)

Chapter 12: Military Leadership

Chapter 13: Leading for Environmental Sustainability

Chapter 14: Practicing Leadership: It’s Your Turn

  • New Profiles:
    • Richard A. Clarke, chief counter-terrorism advisor on the U.S. National Security Council during the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations
    • Thomas Friedman - NY Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning author
    • Joe Paterno - Penn State Head Coach
    • Marshall Goldsmith - Author, executive educator, coach, world authority on leadership
  • New Virtual Leadership Chapter new coverage addresses leading in a virtual environment
  • Updated Military Leadership and Environmental Leadership new coverage reflects recent political and global developments
  • Personal leadership skills approach A core theme throughout the text is that there is no one ‘‘correct'' way to lead. Rather, throughout the book the authors pose questions and actively encourage readers to develop their own personal model of leadership.
  • Multi-disciplinary leadership roots Examination of the roots of leadership through a variety of disciplines, including psychology, communication, philosophy, political science, and management.