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Practicing Servant-Leadership: Succeeding Through Trust, Bravery, and Forgiveness



Practicing Servant-Leadership: Succeeding Through Trust, Bravery, and Forgiveness

Larry C. Spears (Editor), Michele Lawrence (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-37839-6 October 2016 Jossey-Bass 336 Pages


Practicing Servant-Leadership brings together a group of exceptional thinkers who offer a compendium of thought on the topic of bringing servant-leadership into the daily lives of leaders. Each contributor focuses on his or her area of expertise, exploring how servant-leadership works in the real world, using examples from a variety of organizations such as businesses, nonprofits, churches, schools, foundations, and leadership organizations. Highlights of the book's twelve essays include information on:
  • how the idealistic vision of the servant as leader works even in the competitive world of business.
  • encouraging leaders to begin by looking at what they themselves want to become and then to bring this knowledge into their daily leadership.
  • how the principles of servant-leadership can enhance our understanding and practice of philanthropy.
  • examining the board chairperson's especially vital role as a servant- leader.
  • exploring what leaders learn from being followers.

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Foreword: Why Servant-Leadership Matters (Warren Bennis).



The Editors and The Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership.

The Contributors.

1. Who Is the Servant-Leader? (Robert K. Greenleaf).

2. The Understanding and Practice of Servant-Leadership (Larry C. Spears).

3. The Unique Double Servant-Leadership Role of the Board Chairperson (John Carver).

4. Love and Work
A Conversation with James A. Autry.

5. Servant-Leadership and Philanthropic Institutions (John C. Burkhardt, Larry C. Spears).

6. On the Right Side of History (John C. Bogle).

7. Anatomy of a Collaboration: An Act of Servant-Leadership (Wendell J.Walls).

8. Servant-Leadership Characteristics in Organizational Life (Don DeGraaf, Colin Tilley, Larry Neal).

9. Toward a Theology of Institutions (David L. Specht with Richard R. Broholm).

10. Foresight as the Central Ethic of Leadership (Daniel H. Kim).

11. Servant-Leadership, Forgiveness, and Social Justice (Shann R. Ferch).

12. The Servant-Leader: From Hero to Host
An Interview with Margaret J. Wheatley.


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