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Practising Evidence-based Primary Care



Practising Evidence-based Primary Care

Tim Lancaster

ISBN: 978-1-857-75405-6 July 1999 BMJ Books 163 Pages


The practice of evidence-based medicine is a process of life-long, self-directed, problem-based learning. Caring for each patient creates the need for clinically important information about diagnosis, therapy and other clinical and healthcare issues. This workbook is designed to help clinicians develop and improve these skills, by showing how to: convert information into answerable questions; track down the best evidence with maximum efficiency; make best use of the variety of primary and secondary evidence; critically appraise evidence for validity, importance and usefulness; integrate the appraisal with clinical expertise and apply the results; and how to evaluate the practitioner's own performance.
Focusing on the special situation of GPs and the whole primary care team, this flexible approach offers a clear, concise tool for everyone involved in postgraduate and vocational training. It contains papers, self-evaluation sheets and relevant extracts from journals. Tutor's notes are also included.