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Pragmatic Approaches to Aphasia Therapy

Pragmatic Approaches to Aphasia Therapy

Sergio Carlomagno

ISBN: 978-1-870-33294-1

Apr 2009

172 pages

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The functional approach to the treatment of aphasia is embodied in the methods and techniques of Promoting Aphasic's Communicative Effectiveness (PACE), which has had an international influence on the way therapists approach the rehabilitation of aphasia patients. However, there is a shortage of research into the approach and little up-to-date practical guidance on its application. D. Carlomagno's concise book aims to provide a guide to the use and efficacy of PACE methodology which should be useful for aphasia therapists.




Chapter 1 Communicative competence in aphasia andtherapies for improving communication.

Chapter 2 PACE approach: a comprehensive theory for a pragmatically oriented method of treating aphasic disturbances.

Chapter 3 PACE therapeutic practice.

Chapter 4 Evaluating communicative effectiveness of patient (and therapist's behaviour) in the PACE setting.

Chapter 5 The effectiveness of PACE therapy: does it promote the communicative effectiveness of aphasic subjects?

Chapter 6 General conclusions.