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Predicting Malicious Behavior: Tools and Techniques for Ensuring Global Security



Predicting Malicious Behavior: Tools and Techniques for Ensuring Global Security

Gary M. Jackson

ISBN: 978-1-118-23956-8 May 2012 528 Pages


A groundbreaking exploration of how to identify and fight security threats at every level

This revolutionary book combines real-world security scenarios with actual tools to predict and prevent incidents of terrorism, network hacking, individual criminal behavior, and more. Written by an expert with intelligence officer experience who invented the technology, it explores the keys to understanding the dark side of human nature, various types of security threats (current and potential), and how to construct a methodology to predict and combat malicious behavior. The companion CD demonstrates available detection and prediction systems and presents a walkthrough on how to conduct a predictive analysis that highlights proactive security measures.

  • Guides you through the process of predicting malicious behavior, using real world examples and how malicious behavior may be prevented in the future
  • Illustrates ways to understand malicious intent, dissect behavior, and apply the available tools and methods for enhancing security
  • Covers the methodology for predicting malicious behavior, how to apply a predictive methodology, and tools for predicting the likelihood of domestic and global threats
  • CD includes a series of walkthroughs demonstrating how to obtain a predictive analysis and how to use various available tools, including Automated Behavior Analysis

Predicting Malicious Behavior fuses the behavioral and computer sciences to enlighten anyone concerned with security and to aid professionals in keeping our world safer.

Foreword xxvii

Introduction xxix

Part I Understanding the Dark Side: Malicious Intent 1

Chapter 1 Analyzing the Malicious Individual 3

Chapter 2 Analyzing the Malicious Group 35

Chapter 3 Analyzing Country-Level Threats 63

Chapter 4 Threats and Security Nightmares: Our Current Reactive State of Security 91

Chapter 5 Current Network Security 113

Chapter 6 Future Threats to Our National Security 137

Part II Dissecting Malicious Behavior 161

Chapter 7 Applying Behavior Principles: Predicting Individual Malicious Behavior 163

Chapter 8 Applying Behavior Principles: Predicting Group Malicious Behavior 183

Chapter 9 Applying a Predictive Methodology: From Principles to Practice 203

Chapter 10 Predicting Domestic Threat 231

Chapter 11 Computer Networks: Protection from External Threat 255

Chapter 12 Computer Networks: Protection from Internal Threat 277

Chapter 13 Predicting Global Threat 299

Part III Applying Tools and Methods 329

Chapter 14 Predictive Capability in Software: Tools for a New Approach 331

Chapter 15 Predictive Behavioral Modeling: Automated Tools of the Trade 357

Chapter 16 Developing AuBA Applications 383

Chapter 17 Mastering AuBA Tools for Real-World Use 405

Chapter 18 Analyzing Future Malicious Behavior 425

Part IV Predicting Malicious Behavior: Tools and Methods to Support a Paradigm Shift in Security 449

Chapter 19 AuBA Future Extensions Today 451

Chapter 20 How to Predict Malicious Behavior: A Walkthrough 471

Appendix What's on the DVD? 497

Index 501