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Pregnancy For Dummies, 3rd Australia and New Zealand Edition



Pregnancy For Dummies, 3rd Australia and New Zealand Edition

Jane Palmer, Joanne Stone, Keith Eddleman, Mary Duenwald

ISBN: 978-0-730-37741-2 January 2012 480 Pages


Your complete guide to having a healthy, happy pregnancy

This updated and expanded third edition of Pregnancy ForDummies offers mothers-to-be practical advice and expert guidance on every stage of their pregnancy — and beyond!

Understand what's happening with your baby and your body, and be guided through what to expect from labour, birth and becoming a new parent.

  • Follow your baby's development — understand the changes you and your baby go through during all three trimesters
  • Research your birth options — make informed choices that best suit your needs
  • Care for your baby before birth — eat well and keep active during pregnancy
  • Prepare for the birth of your baby — know what happens before, during and after labour
  • Look after your newborn — find advice on breastfeeding and bringing your baby home
  • Keep up with current issues —identify issues facing mothers today, such as returning to work or having children later in life
  • Get expert advice on special situations — meet the challenges of multiple births, problems during pregnancy or miscarriage

Open the book and find:

  • Ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant
  • Clear illustrations of how the body changes during pregnancy
  • Advice for managing pre-existing conditions during pregnancy
  • Discussion about complementary and alternative therapies
  • Simple explanations of your birth options
  • Information about parental leave entitlements
  • Websites to access further support
Introduction 1

Part I: In the Beginning 7

Chapter 1: From Here to Maternity 9

Chapter 2: I Think I’m Pregnant 23

Chapter 3: Preparing for Life During Pregnancy 43

Chapter 4: Eating Well and Keeping Active During Pregnancy 65

Part II: The Pregnancy Trilogy: A Masterpiece in Progress 85

Chapter 5: The First Trimester 87

Chapter 6: The Second Trimester 117

Chapter 7: The Third Trimester 143

Part III: The Big Event: Labour, Birth and Beyond 189

Chapter 8: I Think I’m in Labour! 191

Chapter 9: The ‘Birth’ Day 227

Chapter 10: Hello, World! The Newborn 253

Chapter 11: Taking Care of Yourself After the Birth 281

Chapter 12: Feeding Your Baby 309

Part IV: Pregnancy and the Modern Woman 343

Chapter 13: Working During Pregnancy and Beyond 345

Chapter 14: Complementary and Alternative Medicine 361

Chapter 15: Important Issues for Today's World 377

Part V: Special Situations 391

Chapter 16: Multiple Blessings 393

Chapter 17: SOS: Helpful Information for Pregnancy Concerns 407

Chapter 18: If the Unexpected Happens 429

Part VI: The Part of Tens 437

Chapter 19: Ten Pregnancy and Birth Myths — Debunked 439

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Get the Best from Your Midwife or Doctor 443

Index 449