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Premiere and After Effects Studio Secrets

Premiere and After Effects Studio Secrets

Stan Carver II

ISBN: 978-0-764-53677-9

Dec 2002

320 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Includes inspiration, tips, and tricks from 21 different digital video gurus. With topics as varied as How to edit a political campaign video, Bringing Artistry to Wedding Videos, A behind-the-scenes look indy filmmaking; this book is sure to have something for every digital videographer.
Any book about creating moving pictures and stunning video effects would be incomplete without a DVD-ROM demo of those techniques. A valuable DVD-ROM will include all of the work files for each chapter, all of the source materials, detailed step-by-step tutorials on how to create the effects as seen in the book, demo reels from the featured artists, and trial versions of software used in the book.



Chapter 1: Creating Stock Footage on a Shoestring Budget.

Chapter 2: Producing High-End Weddings.

Chapter 3: Incorporating Royalty-Free Elements in Your Production.

Chapter 4: Seamless Compositing.

Chapter 5: Video Anarchy.

Chapter 6: Creating a Soundtrack to Fit Your Video.

Chapter 7: Impacting Your Audience.

Chapter 8: Working with Film in a Cartoon World.

Chapter 9: Digital Video: Overcoming Its Quirks.

Chapter 10: Editing for Generation X.

Chapter 11: Finishing 3D in the 2D World.

Chapter 12: Synthesizing Art with Masks, Expressions, and Particles.

Chapter 13: Creating Onscreen Graphics.

Chapter 14: Stepping into the Third Dimension.

Chapter 15: Cell Animation in After Effects.

Chapter 16: Making Station IDs and Other Creative Tangents.

Chapter 17: Weathering the Elements with the Fundamental Tools.

Chapter 18: Designing Interactive Menus for DVD.

Chapter 19: Independent Filmmaking.

Chapter 20: Compressing Video for the World Wide Web and Beyond.

Appendix A: What's on the DVD?

Appendix B: Third-Party Resources.


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