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Prenatal and Postnatal Care: A Woman-Centered Approach, 2nd Edition

Prenatal and Postnatal Care: A Woman-Centered Approach, 2nd Edition

Robin G. Jordan, Cindy L. Farley, Karen Trister Grace

ISBN: 978-1-119-31837-8

Apr 2018, Wiley-Blackwell

816 pages


The second edition of the comprehensive and award-winning text on prenatal and postnatal care

The updated edition of Prenatal and Postnatal Care offers a comprehensive text for the care of the woman during the childbearing year. The expert author team presents information needed to master foundational knowledge in anatomy, physiology, psychology, culture, and structure of preconception, prenatal and postnatal care, and the management of common health problems in the childbearing year.

This edition has been revised throughout and contains 6 new chapters on the following topics: prenatal ultrasound, triage of the pregnant woman, assisting women to development confidence for physiologic birth, pregnancy after infertility, oral health, and issues around diversity and inclusion in prenatal and postnatal care.  Additional highlights include new and updated content on pregnant women in the workplace, prenatal genetic testing, trauma-informed care, and transgender pregnancy care. The second edition also includes commonly used complementary therapies and offers more detailed information on shared decision-making and planning for birth.

Prenatal and Postnatal Care:

  • Provides expanded faculty resources with case studies and test questions for each chapter
  • Offers a comprehensive text that covers essential aspects of prenatal and postnatal care of the childbearing woman
  • Builds on the edition that won the Book of the Year award from the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) in 2015.

This revised, authoritative text is an ideal resource for midwifery, nurse practitioner and physician assistant students, and healthcare providers working with pregnant and postpartum women.

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Part I Physiologic Foundations of Prenatal and Postnatal Care

1 Reproductive Tract Structure and Function
Patricia W. Caudle

2 Conception, Implantation, and Embryonic and Fetal Development
Patricia W. Caudle

3 Maternal Physiologic Alterations during Pregnancy
Patricia W. Caudle

4 Physiological Alterations during the Postnatal Period
Kaitlin Wilson & Cindy L. Farley

Part II Preconception, Prenatal Care, and Postnatal Care

5 Preconception Care
Cynthia Nypaver

6 Prenatal Care: Goals, Structure, and Components
Carrie S. Klima

7. Nutrition before and during Pregnancy
Robin G. Jordan

8. Pregnancy Diagnosis and Gestational Age Assessment
Janet L. Engstrom and Joyce D. Cappiello

9. Risk Assessment during Pregnancy
Robin G. Jordan

10. Prenatal Ultrasound
Cynthia Parke and Robin G. Jordan

11. Prenatal Genetic Counseling, Screening, and Diagnosis
Robin G. Jordan

12. Assessment of Fetal Well-Being
Jenifer Fahey

13. Common Discomforts of Pregnancy
Robin G. Jordan

14. Oral Health
Julia Lange Kessler

15. Medication Use during Pregnancy
Mary C. Brucker and Tekoa L. King

16. Substance Use during Pregnancy
Daisy J. Goodman, Kelley A. Bowden, Alane B. O’Connor

17. Health Disparities and Social Issues in Pregnancy
Nena R. Harris

18. Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Childbearing Year
Cindy L. Farley and Michal J. Wright

19. Exercise and Sexual, Occupational, Environmental Health during Pregnancy
Meghan Garland

20. Psychosocial Adaptations during Pregnancy
Cindy L. Farley, Eva M. Fried, and Amy R. Chavez

21. Health Education during Pregnancy
Lisa Hanson, Karen Robinson, Leona VandeVusse, and Kathryn Harrod

22. Preparing for Birth
Melissa D. Avery, Carrie E. Neerland, and Melissa A. Saftner

23. Triage during Pregnancy
Cathy Ruhl

24. Assessment and Care at the Onset of Labor
Amy Marowitz

25. Components of Postnatal Care
Tia P. Andrighetti and Deborah Brandt Karsnitz

26. Lactation and Breastfeeding
Marsha Walker

27. Contraception in the Postnatal Period
Leah N. Torres

Part III Complex Prenatal and Postnatal Conditions

28. Bleeding during Pregnancy
Robin G. Jordan

29. Amniotic Fluid and Fetal Growth Disorders
Victoria H. Burslem and Cindy L. Farley

30. Preterm Labor and Birth
Robin G. Jordan and Nancy Jo Reedy

31. Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
Robin G. Jordan and Elizabeth Gabzydl

32. Gestational Diabetes
Kimberly K. Trout

33. Multiple Gestation
Heather M. Bradford and Cindy L. Farley

34. Post-Term Pregnancy
Heather M. Bradford

35. Hyperemesis
Karen Trister Grace

36. Abdominal Pain
Karen Trister Grace

37. Pregnancy after Infertility
Melicia Escobar

38. Common Complications during the Postnatal Period
Deborah Brandt Karsnitz

39. Common Breastfeeding Problems
Marsha Walker

40. Perinatal Loss and Grief
Robin G. Jordan

Part IV Common Primary Care Health Conditions during the Prenatal and Postnatal Periods

41. Obesity
Cecilia M. Jevitt

42. Mental Health Disorders
Heather Shlosser

43. Hematologic and Thromboembolic Disorders
Jalana Lazar, Karen Trister Grace, and Robin Jordan

44. Respiratory Disorders
Janyce Cagan Agruss

45. Urinary Tract Disorders
Rhonda Arthur and Nancy Pesta Walsh

46. Gastrointestinal Disorders
Debora M. Dole

47. Endocrine Disorders
Elizabeth Gabzdyl

48. Neurologic Disorders
Lise Hauser

49. Dermatologic Disorders
Nell L. Tharpe

50. Infectious Diseases
Elizabeth A. Parr

51. Sexually Transmitted Infections and Common Vaginitis
Eva M. Fried and Cindy L Farley


Case Studies