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Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Robin G. Jordan, Janet Engstrom, Julie Marfell, Cindy L. Farley

ISBN: 978-0-470-96047-9

Jan 2014, Wiley-Blackwell

696 pages


Prenatal and Postnatal Care: A Woman-Centered Approach is a comprehensive resource for the care of the pregnant woman before and after birth. Ideal as a graduate text for newly-qualified adult nurses, family and women’s health practitioners, and midwives, the book can also be used as an in-depth reference for antenatal and postpartum care for those already in practice.

Beginning by outlining the physiological foundations of prenatal and postnatal care, and then presenting these at an advanced practice level, the book moves on to discuss preconception and prenatal care, the management of common health problems during pregnancy, and postnatal care. Each chapter includes quick-reference definitions of relevant terminology and statistics on current trends in prenatal and postnatal care, together with cultural considerations to offer comprehensive management of individual patient needs.

Written by experts in the field, Prenatal and Postnatal Care: AWoman-Centered Approach, deftly combines the physiological foundation of prenatal and postnatal care with practical application for a comprehensive, holistic approach applicable to a variety of clinical settings.

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About the editors xix

Contributors xxi

Reviewers xxiii

Foreword xxv

Preface xxvii

Part I Physiological foundations of prenatal and postnatal care 3

1 Reproductive tract structure and function 5
Patricia W. Caudle

2 Conception, implantation, and embryonic and fetal development 19
Patricia W. Caudle

3 Maternal physiological alterations during pregnancy 34
Patricia W. Caudle

Part II Preconception and prenatal care 49

4 Preconception care 51
Victoria L. Baker

5 Prenatal care: Goals, structure, and components 73
Carrie S. Klima

6 Nutrition during pregnancy 99
Robin G. Jordan and Julie A. Paul

7 Pregnancy diagnosis and gestational age assessment 125
Janet L. Engstrom and Joyce D. Cappiello

8 Risk assessment and risk management in prenatal care 149
Robin G. Jordan

9 Prenatal genetic counseling, screening, and diagnosis 160
Robin G. Jordan and Janet L. Engstrom

10 Assessment of fetal well-being 176
Jenifer Fahey

11 Common discomforts of pregnancy 193
Robin G. Jordan

12 Medication use during pregnancy 223
Mary C. Brucker and Tekoa L. King

13 Substance use during pregnancy 238
Daisy J. Goodman, Alane B. O'Connor, and Kelley A. Bowden

14 Social issues in pregnancy 261
Nena R. Harris

15 Exercise, recreational and occupational issues, and intimate relationships in pregnancy 274
Meghan Garland

16 Psychosocial adaptations in pregnancy 291
Cindy L. Farley

17 Health education during pregnancy 312
Lisa Hanson, Leona VandeVusse, and Kathryn Shisler Harrod

18 Assessment and care at the onset of labor 325
Amy Marowitz

Part III Common complications of pregnancy 333

19 Bleeding during pregnancy 335
Robin G. Jordan

20 Amniotic fluid and fetal growth disorders 352
Victoria H. Burslem and Cindy L. Farley

21 Preterm labor and birth 365
Robin G. Jordan

22 Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy 375
Robin G. Jordan

23 Gestational diabetes 387
Kimberly K. Trout

24 Other complications in pregnancy: Multiple gestation, post-term pregnancy, hyperemesis, and abdominal pain 397
Tonya B. Nicholson

25 Perinatal loss and grief 409
Robin G. Jordan

Part IV Postnatal care 417

26 Physiological alterations during the postnatal period 419
Kimberly A. Couch and Karen DeCocker-Geist

27 Components of postnatal care 423
Tia P. Andrighetti and Deborah Brandt Karsnitz

28 Common complications during the postnatal period 441
Deborah Brandt Karsnitz

29 Contraception 462
Patricia Aikins Murphy and Leah N. Torres

30 Lactation and breastfeeding 478
Marsha Walker

31 Common breastfeeding problems 499
Marsha Walker

Part V Management of common health problems during the prenatal and postnatal periods 515

32 Respiratory disorders 517
Janyce Cagan Agruss

33 Hematological and thromboembolic disorders 525
Julie A. Marfell

34 Urinary tract disorders 536
Rhonda Arthur and Nancy Pesta Walsh

35 Gastrointestinal disorders 544
Audra C. Malone and Karen DeCocker-Geist

36 Obesity 549
Cecelia M. Jevitt

37 Endocrine disorders 560
Elizabeth Gabzdyl

38 Neurological disorders 570
Tonya B. Nicholson

39 Dermatological disorders 580
Gwendolyn Short and Elizabeth Powell Holcomb

40 Infectious diseases 589
Jacquelyne Brooks and Elizabeth A. Parr

41 Sexually transmitted infections and common vaginitis 608
Meghan Garland and Barbara P. Brennan

42 Psychological disorders 621
Heather Shlosser

Index 631