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Presenting Service: The Ultimate Guide for the Foodservice Professional, 2nd Edition



Presenting Service: The Ultimate Guide for the Foodservice Professional, 2nd Edition

Lendal H. Kotschevar, Valentino Luciani

ISBN: 978-1-118-46250-8 July 2012 272 Pages


Serving people is difficult and demanding work, but the rewards outweigh the challenges. Education, training, and a professional atti-tude are the ingredients needed to harvest those rewards.  Presenting Service, 2E educates servers, supervisors, and managers in the techniques and demeanor of professional service.  This book pays special attention to the historical context of service, the manager's role in good service including hiring and managing employees, how to become a good server, and the various types of service in food-service operations.  There is an art to good service that can be trained and taught, and Presenting Service provides the manager with the skills to create a good dining experience through good service.

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ix Preface

1 A Historical Overview of Service

2 Introduction

2 The Age of Service

3 Service: A Total Concept

6 A Historical Overview of Service

16 Chapter Summary

17 Chapter Review

17 Case Studies

2 The Professional Server

20 Introduction

20 Finding Work

20 Looking Professional

21 Demeanor and Attitude of Successful Servers

24 Learning Skills

24 Product Knowledge

24 Suggestive Selling

25 Organization

28 Tips

29 Unions

30 Laws Affecting Servers

33 Chapter Summary

34 Chapter Review

34 Case Studies

3 Exceeding People's Needs

36 Introduction

36 Managing Guest Complaints

39 Serving Guests with Special Needs

42 Chapter Summary

43 Chapter Review

43 Case Study

4 Service Mise en Place

46 Introduction

47 Getting Ready

62 Clearing and Resetting Tables

63 Ending the Meal

64 Quick-service Mise en Place

65 The Cash Bank

67 Chapter Summary

68 Chapter Review

68 Case Study

5 Service in Various Industry Segments

70 Introduction

70 Banquet Service

77 Service for Specific Meals

79 Buffet Service

82 Other Service

86 Chapter Summary

87 Chapter Review

87 Case Studies

6 Service Areas and Equipment

92 Introduction

92 Dining Area Equipment

97 Table Service Equipment

100 Menus

102 Service Staff

105 Chapter Summary

106 Chapter Review

107 Case Study

7 Classic Service Styles

110 Introduction

110 French Service

115 Russian Service

116 American Service

118 English Service

119 Chinese Service

121 Chapter Summary

122 Chapter Review

123 Case Study

8 Serving the Meal

126 Introduction

126 Steps in Serving

126 Greeting and Seating the Guests

129 General Rules and Procedures for Serving

133 Taking the Order

138 Serving the Guests

140 Clearing Tables

141 Presenting the Check and Saying Goodbye

143 Closing

143 Formal Dining

144 The Busperson's Role

146 Chapter Summary

148 Chapter Review

148 Case Studies

9 Bar and Beverage Service

152 Introduction

153 Some Important Facts about Beverage Alcohol

155 Knowing Spirits

158 Knowing Wine

163 Knowing Beer

165 Knowing Nonalcoholic Beverages

168 Hospitality Behind the Bar

169 Serving Spirits

171 Serving Wine

173 Serving Sparkling Wine

174 Serving Beer

174 Serving Nonalcoholic Drinks

175 Serving Alcohol Responsibly

179 Chapter Summary

181 Chapter Review

185 Case Studies

10 Management's Role in Service

188 Introduction

188 Establishing Service Standards

189 Management Functions

193 Motivating Servers

198 Scheduling Servers

199 Dining Room Arrangement

199 Kitchen Arrangement

199 Training Servers

202 Reservations

205 Chapter Summary

206 Chapter Review

207 Case Studies

11 Table Etiquette

212 Introduction

212 A History of Table Etiquette

213 Principles of Public Dining Etiquette

220 Tipping

221 Dining Etiquette of Various Cultures

225 Chapter Summary

226 Chapter Review

227 Case Studies

229 Glossary

237 Appendix: Duties of Service Workers

243 Index

  • A full chapter on Bar and Beverage Service is new and includes coverage of specialty coffees, cocktails, wine service, and table etiquette as well as important information on serving alcohol responsibly specialty
  • Classic Service Styles including the techniques of French, Russian, American, English, and Chinese service are described in a separate new chapter.
  • A new chapter on Table Etiquette contains a historical perspective as well as a complete description of etiquette rules concerning special foods and various cultures such as European, Chinese Indian and Middle Eastern Dining.
  • Features Customer Service and Foodservice Security boxes that convey tips and best practices for handling customer and security issues throughout the book.
  • An expanded new glossary that includes additional key terms for bar and beverage service, table etiquette, and classic service styles.
  • Includes a new appendix: Duties of Some Service Workers that explains the responsibilities of the frontline staff including the host, server, bus person, and bar server.
  • Features Internet sources at the end of each chapter that provides websites for additional information presented in the chapter.
  • Provides students with the skills to create a good dining experience through good service.
  • Includes helpful pedagogy throughout, such as learning objectives, key terms, chapter summaries, chapter reviews, and boxes covering such key topics as customer service, foodservice security, and sanitation
  • Filled with checklists that easily walk the server and manager through good service practices
  • Case studies are included throughout, which give students exposure to real world scenarios