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Preservation and Restoration of Tooth Structure, 3rd Edition

Preservation and Restoration of Tooth Structure, 3rd Edition

Graham J. Mount (Editor), Wyatt R. Hume (Editor), Hien C. Ngo (Editor), Mark S. Wolff (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-76659-0

Jun 2016, Wiley-Blackwell

328 pages

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Combining the approaches of preventative and restorative dentistry, this is a revised and updated guide to the clinical techniques and procedures necessary for managing tooth disorders and disease.  

  • Introduces minimally invasive dentistry as a model to control dental disease and then restore the mouth to optimal form, function, and aesthetics
  • Contains several student-friendly features, including a new layout, line drawings and clinical photographs to illustrate key concepts
  • Covers fundamental topics, including the evolutionary biology of the human oral environment; caries management and risk assessment; remineralization; principles of cavity design; lifestyle factors; choices between restorative materials and restoration management
  • Includes a companion website with self-assessment exercises for students and a downloadable image bank for instructors

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1. The Oral Environment and the Main Causes of Tooth Structure Loss
J. Kaidonis, G. C. Townsend, J. McIntyre, L.C. Richards, W.R. Hume

2. Dental Caries: Management of Early Lesions and the Disease Process
G.J. Mount, H. Ngo, W.R. Hume, M. Wolff

3. Dental Caries: Activity and Risk Assessment
H Ngo, M. Wolff

4. Non-Carious Tooth Structure Loss: Diagnosis, Risk and Activity Assessment, and Clinical Management
J. Kaidonis, L.C. Richards, G.C. Townsend and GS Heithersay

5. Aids to Remineralization
M. Fontana, L.J. Walsh, B. T. Amaechi, H.C. Ngo

6. Systems for Classifying Defects of the Exposed Tooth Surface
G.J. Mount, W.R. Hume, H. Ngo and M.S. Wolff

7. Principles of Cavity Design for the Restoration of Advanced Lesions
G.J. Mount, H. Ngo

8. Instruments Used in Cavity Preparation
G.J. Mount, L.J. Walsh, A. Brostek

9. Glass-Ionomer Materials
G.J. Mount, H. Ngo

10. Resin Based Composite Restorative Materials
A.U.J. Yap, J.C.L. Neo, V. Thompson, M.S. Wolff

11. Silver Amalgam
G.J. Mount, H. Ngo

12. Pulpal Responses, Pulp Protection and Pulp Therapy
W. R. Hume, W.L.K. Massey, G.J. Mount and G.S Heithersay

13. Choosing Between Restoration Modalities
G.J. Mount, M. Wolff, H. Ngo

14. Caries in Young Children: Special Considerations in Aetiology and Management
W.K. Seow, H.C Ngo

15. Oral Care of Older People
Angus WG Walls, Iain A Pretty [standardize]

16. Lifestyle Factors Affecting Tooth Structure Loss
L.J. Walsh, P.J. Ford

17. Periodontal Considerations in Tooth Restoration
G.J. Mount

18. Occlusion as it Relates to Restoration of Individual Teeth
G.J. Mount

19. Failures of Individual Restorations and their Management
G.J. Mount