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Pressure Area Care

Pressure Area Care

Karen Ousey (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-14357-8

Feb 2009, Wiley-Blackwell

280 pages



Pressure Area Care is an essential skill for nurses in every area of clinical practice. This beginner's guide assumes no prior knowledge and explores the causes of pressure ulcers, the practical skills needed to avoid them developing, and the clinical skills needed to manage them effectively when they do occur.

Pressure Area Care will enable students and staff to provide effective management and care of pressure areas. It incorporates national guidelines to promote evidence based care, examines the optimal choice of pressure relieving devices and dressings, and explores the role of the nurse in planning, documenting and supervising care.

1. The Importance of Effective Pressure Area Care.

2. Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin and the Wound Healing Process.

3. Aetiology of Pressure Ulcers and Principles of Pressure Ulcer Prevention.

4. Risk Assessment.

5. Grading Systems.

6. Pressure Re-Distributing Devices and Equipment.

7. Management of the Established Pressure Ulcer.

8. The Importance of Accurate Documentation, Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues.

9. The Role of the Inter-Disciplinary Team in Pressure Area Care.

10. Continuing Professional Development

* Covers skills needed for risk assessment, prevention, and treatment of pressure ulcers
* Bases care on the best available evidence including NICE and RCN clinical practice guidelines
* Examines the optimal choice of pressure relieving devices and dressings
* Includes scenarios for reflection on practice