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Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: A Handbook for Clinical Practice

Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: A Handbook for Clinical Practice

David A. Wood (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-12940-4

Mar 2015, Wiley-Blackwell

224 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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This book is based on the European Guidelines on CVD Prevention (formulated by eight societies). It covers prevention strategies, risk factors, detection, management of risk, and therapeutic targets.

It gives the rationale for the prevention of CVD along with practical clinical strategies across the spectrum of clinical care. The starting point is patients with symptomatic atherosclerotic disease, such as coronary artery disease, stroke and peripheral arterial disease. The next patient group is those who are apparently healthy, but at high risk of developing CVD. The practical management of all high risk patients in relation to lifestyle, the treatment of blood pressure, lipids and glucose, and the use of cardio protective drug therapies are also described.

The ESC Education Series
This book is part of the ESC Education Series. The series is designed to provide medical professionals with the latest information about the understanding, diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases. Where available, management recommendations are based on the established European Guidelines, which encompass the best techniques to use with each cardiac disease. Throughout the series, the leading international opinion leaders have been chosen to edit and contribute to the books. The information is presented in a succinct and accessible format with a clinical focus.

1. The challenge facing preventive cardiology.

2. Rationale for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Prevention strategies in clinical practice.

4. Cardiovascular risk factors.

5. Cardiovascular risk estimation.

6. Detection of asymptomatic atherosclerotic disease.

7. Management of cardiovascular risk in clinical practice.

(i) Behavioural change.

(ii) Smoking cessation.

(iii) Diet.

(iv) Physical activity.

(v) Blood pressure and hypertension.

(vi) Lipids and dyslipidaemia.

(vii) Glucose and diabetes.

(viii) Other risk factors.

(ix) Cardiovascular protective drug therapies.

8. Preventive cardiology.

9. Summary of lifestyle, risk factor and therapeutic targets in preventive cardiology

Practical guide to managing high risk patients

  • Part of the ESC Education Series
  • Based on the established European Guidelines
  • Edited by leading international opinion leaders
  • Succinct and accessible format with a clinical focus
  • Addresses the causes and prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • Covers prevention strategies, risk factors, detection, management of risk and therapeutic targets