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Prezi For Dummies

Prezi For Dummies

Stephanie Diamond

ISBN: 978-0-470-92688-8

Aug 2010

336 pages



A one-stop resource for an exciting new Web-based, slide-free presentation tool!

People who have been seeking a flashier version of PowerPoint have found it—and it's Prezi. A Web-based, slide-free presentation tool, Prezi allows users to create and give rich, Web-based presentations complete with dynamic content, contextual layouts, and eye-catching visuals. Prezi For Dummies gets you rapidly up to speed, including how to think outside the traditional slide, create your project, insert Flash and other graphic files, and publish your presentation to a public domain. You’ll also learn valuable tips on what makes a good Prezi.

  • Introduces Prezi, a Web-based, Flash-friendly, dynamic presentation tool
  • Explains how to use online and offline editors and insert images, video, sound, Flash files, and other complex graphics
  • Covers presenting a Prezi, publishing it to a public domain, and collaborating with others
  • Offers tips and insights on what makes a good Prezi—and how to think visually to create content that benefits your business or organization

Move beyond slides, put your visual thinking cap on, and get the very most of Prezi with this timely, practical guide.

Introduction  1

Part I: Establishing a Prezi Mindset  7

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Prezi 9

Chapter 2: Preparing for Your First Prezi 31

Part II: Exploring the Prezi Universe  55

Chapter 3: Getting Familiar with the Online Interface 57

Chapter 4: Discovering the Prezi Desktop 83

Chapter 5: Navigating the “Your Prezis” Page 91

Chapter 6: Engaging the Prezi Community 117

Part III: Creating Show-Stopping Prezis  131

Chapter 7: Making Great Presentations 133

Chapter 8: Using Graphics to Increase the Value of Your Message 157

Chapter 9: Helping Designers Use Their Creations 175

Part IV: Using Prezi beyond Presentations  187

Chapter 10: Brainstorming New Ideas 189

Chapter 11: Presenting Business Plans 209

Chapter 12: Educating with Prezi221

Chapter 13: Displaying Your Hobbies and Special Events with Prezi 231

Part V: The Part of Tens  245

Chapter 14: Ten Ways to Fill a Blank Screen 247

Chapter 15: Ten Things You Should Know about Visual Thinking255

Chapter 16: Ten Tips for Mind Mapping with Prezi 263

Chapter 17: Ten Worst Things to Do with Prezi 271

Appendix A: Resources for Presenters 279

Index  291

"As a multi-title Dummies author, I am very impressed by the depth of Prezi for Dummies. It's hard enough to write a book that explains a software program from the point of view of readers who has never used it before.
It's even harder to write a book that puts a new software into perspective and links it to classic visual thinking and storytelling techniques…explaining not only how to use it, but when and why from a content and message point of view." (Roger C. Parker, Published & Profitable Blog)
Bonus Chapter