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Primary Care: Core Values

Primary Care: Core Values

Mike Pringle (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-727-91268-8

Jul 1998, BMJ Books

128 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Since the recent fundamental changes in the organisation of primary care, the management of a GPs practice has become more complex, more controversial, and more time consuming. This book discusses the way ahead for these major issues, including funding, commissioning, patient priorities, and gate-keeping


1 Primary Care: The Core Values. (Ian R. McWhinney).

2 Patient-centred Primary Care. (Les Toop).

3 Contracting for General Practice: Another Turn of the Wheel of History. (Brian M. Goss).

4 Developing Prim ary Care: Gatekeeping, Commissioning, and Manged Care. ( Jennifer Dixon, Peter Holland and Nicholas Mays).

5 Primary Care in an Imperfect Market. (John Roberts).

6 Patients Priorities. (Rabbi Julia Neuberger).

7 Evidence and General Practic Care. ( Chris Van Weel).

8 From Education and Training to Professional Development. (Jacky Hayden).

9 Primary Care, Health and the Good Society. (Iona Heath).