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Prince Valiant, Volume 10: 1955 - 1956

Prince Valiant, Volume 10: 1955 - 1956

Hal Foster

ISBN: 978-1-606-99800-7

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256 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Our tenth volume finds our band of heroes making their way back to the Kingdom of Thule by way of Constantinople and Eastern Russia. Soon they are attacked by a tribe of barbarians who kidnap Aleta for the great Dragada Khan who wants to make her one of his wives. After nearly being killed in battle, Valiant returns to his homeland only to find the threat of hunger hovers over Thule. As Val explores new ways of feeding the kingdom's growing populace, raiders threaten the lives of his family and friends. The volume ends with Val's return to Camelot, a tournament of champions, and the threat of new treachery in Cornwall. This volume also includes an introduction by legendary comics artist Timothy Truman, and a special gallery containing more of Hal Foster's incredible Mountie paintings annotated by comics historian Brian M. Kane.