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Principles of Physical Optics

Charles A. Bennett

ISBN: ES8-0-470-12212-9


Charles Bennett's new Optics text offers modern topic coverage, emphasis and pedagogy.  Bennett's clear writing style and vast knowledge of the subject matter brings a fresh voice to Optics courses. This text will prove to be attractive to physics majors, and provide students with expertise valued in industry.

Professor Charles Bennett has been teaching undergraduate optics courses at the University of North Carolina at Asheville for over twenty years. He is also an Adjunct Research and Development Associate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he is a member of the Advanced Lasers, Optics, and Diagnostics Technology Group.

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1. The Physics of Waves

2. Electromagnetic Waves and Photons

3. Reflection And Refraction

4. Geometric Optics

5.Superposition and Interference

6. Diffraction

7. Lasers

8. Optical Imaging

9. Polarization and Nonlinear Optics


Provides a transition for those students in introductory physics learning basic calculus when entering more senior level classes.