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Principles of Physics Extended, 9th Edition International Student Version


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Principles of Physics Extended, 9th Edition International Student Version

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The new Ninth Edition of Halliday, Resnick and Walker’s Principles of Physics has been strategically revised to focus on engaging students, supporting critical thinking and moving students to the next level of physics understanding.

Key to the Ninth Edition's support for critical thinking and development of understanding physics concepts is Jearl Walker's modern voice. Jearl Walker is both an active teacher, who understands the challenges faced in today's classroom, and a world renowned communicator of science to the general public. His Flying Circus of Physics is a cult classic among physics students and instructors and material from this book is integrated throughout the Ninth Edition to catch students' attention, engage them, and encourage them to solve the underlying real world physics phenomenon and concepts, before they begin the more quantitative portion of the content or problem.

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  • Context-sensitive help in the form of direct links to the online text, hints, solutions, and tutorials - right from the online book.
  • Immediate feedback on self-assessment and homework with the ability to track progress.
  • Integrated, multi-media resources provide multiple study-paths to fit every student’s learning style.

Principles of Physics Extended, 9th Edition (ISV) is available in the following parts:

Principles of Physics, 9th Edition, Regular Version (Ch 1-37)
ISBN 9780470524633

Principles of Physics, 9th Edition,Extended Version (Ch 1-44)
ISBN 9780470561584

Principles of Physics, 9th Edition,Vol. 1 (Ch 1-20).
ISBN 9780470568378

Principles of Physics, 9th Edition, Vol. 2 (Ch 21-44)
ISBN 9780470568361

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2 Motion Along a Straight Line.

3 Vectors.

4 Motion in Two and Three Dimensions.

5 Force and Motion — I.

6 Force and Motion — II.

7 Kinetic Energy and Work.

8 Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy.

9 Center of Mass and Linear Momentum.

10 Rotation.

11 Rolling, Torque, and Angular Momentum.


12 Equilibrium and Elasticity.

13 Gravitation.

14 Fluids.

15 Oscillations.

16 Waves — I.

17 Waves — II.

18 Temperature, Heat, and the First Law of.


19 The Kinetic Theory of Gases.

20 Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.



21 Electric Charge.

22 Electric Fields.

23 Gauss’ Law.

24 Electric Potential.

25 Capacitance.

26 Current and Resistance.

27 Circuits.

28 Magnetic Fields.

29 Magnetic Fields Due to Currents.

30 Induction and Inductance.

31 Electromagnetic Oscillations and Alternating.


32 Maxwell’s Equations; Magnetism of Matter.


33 Electromagnetic Waves.

34 Images.

35 Interference.

36 Diffraction.

37 Relativity.


38 Photons and Matter Waves.

39 More About Matter Waves.

40 All About Atoms.

41 Conduction of Electricity in Solids.

42 Nuclear Physics.

43 Energy from the Nucleus.

44 Quarks, Leptons, and the Big Bang.


Answers to Checkpoints and Odd-Numbered Questions and Problems.


  • New WileyPLUS features:

    • Graded Reading Comprehension Assignments. Instructors can assign – for credit – reading comprehension questions.  Because the assignment and grading of these questions is done automatically by WileyPLUS, no extra instructor or staff time is necessary.
    • Significantly expanded multi-media assets.   Additional interactive simulations, animations and video mini-lectures have been included to accommodate a variety of learning styles. Through the videos, Jearl teaches students how to read technical content.  Extra help material (not in the printed text) is available through hypertext links for those students who need or want it.  In addition, callouts throughout the text direct the student to additional resources in WileyPLUS.
  • Redesigned key illustrations. The author has re-designed a number of the key figures in the new edition to provide a more inviting and informative treatment to help beginning students get a better grasp of key concepts.  These figures are not overly complex and don’t assume an unrealistic level of sophistication on the students’ part.  The figures are broken into component parts with supporting commentary so that the students can more readily see the key ideas. In addition, animated versions of the figures with audio commentary are now included in the multimedia version of the text which is accessed through WileyPLUS.
  • MathHelp videos and a MathSkills Module
  • Integration of The Flying Circus of Physics. Material from The Flying Circus is incorporated into the chapter opener puzzlers, Sample Problems, text examples and end-of-chapter problems to make the subject more interesting and engaging and to show students that the world around them can be examined and understood using the fundamental principles of physics. Links to The Flying Circus material are identified throughout the text with a biplane icon.
  • Checkpoints offer stopping points so students can check their understanding of a question with some reasoning based on the narrative or sample problem they just read.
  • Sample problems are chosen to demonstrate how problems can be solved with reasoned solutions rather than quick and simplistic plugging of numbers into an equation with no regard for what the equation means. Key Ideas in the sample problems focus a student on the basic concepts at the root of the solution to a problem.
  • Additional help. When worked-out solutions are provided in print or electronically for certain problems, there is an icon listed to alert the student and instructor to where the solutions are located:
    • Guided-Online Tutorials (GO)- Tutoring problem available in WileyPLUS or WebAssign
    • Student Solutions Manual (SSM)
    • Worked-out Solution on the website (WWW)
    • Interactive LearningWare Solution on the website (ILW)
  •  WileyPLUS
    • All end of chapter problems are coded and available for assignment
    • Every problem has an associated hint that can be made available at the instructor’s discretion.
    • Additional problems not found in the book can be made available to the students at the instructor’s discretion.
    • Several problems per chapter are available in a tutorial format that provides step-by-step guidance (Guided Online tutorials).
    • Simulation problems that require student interaction are also available.
    •   Office Hours™ videos include:
         o Video Mini-lectures
         o Video Worked Examples by Jearl Walker
  • Just in time MathSkills review