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Principles of Powder Technology



Principles of Powder Technology

M. J. Rhodes (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-92422-7 January 1991 452 Pages


Powder technology is extremely important to a wide range of disciplines and industries including food, pharmaceutical manufacturing, minerals and metals processing, among others. Modeled after a short course designed specifically for graduate engineers working in industry, it presents the fundamental engineering properties of materials--essential knowledge for the design and operation of industrial equipment and processes. Contributors--all experts in their fields--provide comprehensive coverage, with a somewhat academic emphasis on the problems involved in handling massive solids, gases and liquids as industry calls for greater expertise in this field.
Powder Processing--The Overall View (D. Geldart).

Characterizing the Single Particle (A. Hawkins).

Characterization of Powders (L. Svarovsky).

Mixing and Segregation in Powders (J. Williams).

The Storage and Flow of Powders (J. Williams).

Gas Fluidization (D. Geldart).

Pneumatic Conveying (M. Rhodes).

Solid-Gas Separation (L. Svarovsky).

Size Enlargement (N. Stanley-Wood).

Size Reduction (M. Prior, et al.).

Explosion and Fire Hazards of Powders (K. Palmer).

Health Risks of Fine Powders (E. King).

Flow of Liquid-Solid Suspensions (H. Benkreira).

Solid-Liquid Separation (L. Svarovsky).