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Principles of Psychotherapy: Promoting Evidence-Based Psychodynamic Practice, 3rd Edition



Principles of Psychotherapy: Promoting Evidence-Based Psychodynamic Practice, 3rd Edition

Irving B. Weiner, Robert F. Bornstein

ISBN: 978-0-470-49672-5 March 2009 400 Pages


Generations of clinicians have valued Principles of Psychotherapy for its breadth of coverage and accessibility and the author's ability to gather many elements into a unified presentation. The Third Edition presents the conceptual and empirical foundations of evidence-based practice perspectives of psychodynamic theory. It also offers case examples illustrating what a therapist might say and do in various circumstances. In addition, it includes discussion of broader psychodynamic perspectives on short-term therapy. Mental health professionals will benefit from the revised edition s inclusion of empirically based guidelines for conducting effective psychotherapy.

Preface vii

Part One Introduction

1 The Nature and Goals of Psychotherapy 3

2 The Patient 11

3 The Therapist 25

4 Theory, Research, and Practice in Psychotherapy 41

Part Two The Initial Phase of Psychotherapy

5 Evaluation and Assessment 61

6 The Treatment Contract 81

7 Conduct of the Interview 105

Case Interlude I: Evaluation and Assessment of Ms. A 120

Part Three the Middle Phase of Psychotherapy

8 Communicating Understanding: Interpretation 129

9 Interference with Communication: Resistance 171

10 The Psychotherapy Relationship: Transference 215

11 The Psychotherapy Relationship: Countertransference 257

Part Four The Final Phase of Psychotherapy

12 Termination 277

Case Interlude II: Psychotherapy with Ms. A 311

References 325

Author Index 363

Subject Index 373