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Principles of Radiological Health and Safety

Principles of Radiological Health and Safety

James E. Martin, Chul Lee

ISBN: 978-0-471-25429-4

Dec 2002

544 pages

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Many health and scientific professionals require a basic understanding of radiological safety principles, even and especially if they are not specialists in radiological health. Principles of Radiological Health and Safety is designed for this purpose as well as a resource for safety personnel who also handle radiation safety duties. It is a text of basic concepts needed in broad-based protection programs, with real-world examples and practice problems to demonstrate principles and hone skills.

Resource data for practical problems in radiation protection are provided along with illustrative examples of their use. For example, modes and energies of radioactive transformation, radiation attenuation and absorption, dose coefficients, and environmental transport parameters are included for many of the common circumstances encountered in laboratory and industrial settings. these are cross referenced to standard compendiums for straightforward use when more in-depth listings need to be consulted. Other topics include:

-Atom structure and radioactivity
-Radiation protection standards and programs
-Radiation interactions and dose
-Environmental radiological assessment
-Radiation shielding
-Internal radiation dosimetry
-Radioactive waste

Safety professionals as well as students and teachers will find Principles of Radiological Health and Safety to be an invaluable addition to their professional and academic libraries.


Introductory Concepts.

Atom Structure and Energetics.

Radioactive Transformation.

Major Sources of Radiation.

Radiation Interactions and Dose.

Radiation Bioeffects and Risk.

Radiation Shielding.

Measurement of Radiation.

Internal Radiation Dosimetry.

Radiation Protection Standards.

Radiation Protection Programs.

Environmental Radiological Assessment.

Radon—A Public Health Issue.

Radioactive Wastes.

Appendix A: Constants of Nature and Selected Particle Masses.

Appendix B: Atomic Masses and Binding Energies—Selected Nuclides.

Appendix C: Radioactive Transformation Data.

Answers to Selected Problems.


"...very well suited for its intended audience, covering a large portion of the fundamentals..." (Health Physics, Vol. 84, No. 5, May 2003)

"...the book is a very good it a great deal of inspiration..." (Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 2003)

" excellent reference source on radiation protection theory, and provides a consolidate source of useful radiological data..." (Health and Safety at Work, Jan 2004)