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Private Banking: Building a Culture of Excellence

Private Banking: Building a Culture of Excellence

Boris F. J. Collardi

ISBN: 978-1-119-19968-7 October 2015 288 Pages


An insightful overview of the keys to world-class client service in the private banking sector

As the number of wealthy individuals around the world increases, private banking and wealth management companies have grown to keep pace. After the fast growth the long term success is predicated on both winning and keeping clients, making a client-centric model a must. Private Banking: Building a Culture of Excellence provides a clear, easy-to-follow guide to building a committed base, written by an industry expert.

Presenting an overview of the elements required to build a successful and client-focused private bank that delivers the kind of care and excellence wealthy clients demand, the book even includes real-life examples for a better understanding of concepts and, to help you achieve your goal.

  • Outlines how to implement a practical strategy for success in the growing private banking sector
  • Explores the key drivers in the private banking industry as well as the most recent developments in the environment to help you stay on top of customer demands
  • Includes case studies and other resources to show the keys to private banking done right in action

Private Banking provides useful, hands-on advice for building a strong, lasting business in the private banking sector.

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xv

CHAPTER 1 A Framework for Excellence in Private Banking 1

CHAPTER 2 What Is Driving Private Banking? 7

CHAPTER 3 Finding the Right Organisation and Operational Strategy 23

CHAPTER 4 Forces Shaping the Regulatory Environment 45

CHAPTER 5 Putting Clients at the Centre 63

CHAPTER 6 Beyond Products—Offering Tailored Solutions 91
Guido Ruoss

CHAPTER 7 Why Brand Matters 123

CHAPTER 8 Delivering a Superior Client Experience 145

CHAPTER 9 Understanding Service Excellence 165

CHAPTER 10 Winning the War for Talent 187

CHAPTER 11 Defining and Growing Leadership and Culture 215

CHAPTER 12 Measuring and Managing Performance 233

About the Author 255

Index 257