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Private Practice Psychology: A Handbook



Private Practice Psychology: A Handbook

Richard Kasperczyk, Ronald D. Francis

ISBN: 978-1-854-33343-8 January 1991 Wiley-Blackwell 180 Pages


This book offers a complete guide to setting up and managing a private practice. Issues such as planning the practice, developing practice excellence, expanding and even selling the practice are covered. The book is very practical in its nature and also gives names of organisations and websites which may be of help. A sample business plan and fee tables are also included.
1. Planning your practice.

2. Choosing the market.

3. Choosing the location.

4. Choosing the business structure.

5. Developing a business plan.

6. Establishing your practice.

7. Choosing your practice name.

8. Designing a logo.

9. Designing and printing stationary.

10. Choosing the venue.

11. Insurances.

12. Communication systems.

13. Initial marketing.

14. Registering with insurance systems.

15. Fee schedules.

16. Collecting revenue.

17. Accounting systems.

18. Information systems.

19. Research and communication via the internet.

20. Developing practice excellence.

21. Expanding you practice.

22. Staffing.

23. Marketing, tenders and contracts.

24. Selling your practice.