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Proceedings of the Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories (UNITECR 2013)



Proceedings of the Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories (UNITECR 2013)

Dana Goski (Editor), Jeffrey D. Smith (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-83703-0 February 2014 1408 Pages



Proceedings containing 231 manuscripts that were submitted and approved for the 13th biennial worldwide refractories congress recognized as the Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories(UNITECR), held September 10-13, 2013.
Preface xxi

Advanced Installation Techniques and Equipment

Tapholes Repair on CSN'S Blast Furnace 3: Core & Cast and Core & Plug* 21
P.C. da Sousa, T. Talaat, T.I. Souza; P.R. de O. Cordeiro, A.L. Saraiva, E.S. Neves, and E. G. Fernandes

Advanced Testing of Refractories

Corrosion of Corundum-Mullite Refractories in Gaseous HCI/H2O Atmosphere at Elevated Temperature 79
M.M. Jafari, M. Ghanbari, F. Golestanifard, and R. Naghizadeh

High Temperature Characteristics of Refractory Zirconia Crucibles Used for Vacuum Induction Melting 107
A. Quadling, L. Vandeperre, W.E. Lee, ad P. Myers

Influence of the Cabores Content on the Strength of Carbon Bonded Alumina Obtained by Means of Small Punch Test 135
S. Soltysiak, M. Abendroth, and M. Kuna

Contribution of Different Binder Systems to Young's Modulus of Elasticity of Carbon-Bonded Alumina at Elevated Temperatures 147
J. Werner and C.G. Aneziris

Cement and Lime Refractories

Development of an Electrofused MgO-CaZrO3 Refractory with Addition of Hercynite for the Cement Industry 173
G. Alan Castilo, Fabiola Davila, T.K. Das Roy, B. Krishnan, Ana-Maria Guzman, and S. Shaji

The Effect of TiO2 on Properties and Microstructure of Chrome-Free Basic Brick 183
S. Ghanbarnezhad, M. Bavand-Vandchali, A. R. Naghizadeh

The Process of New Phases Formation in the AI2SiO5-ZrSiO4 Refractory Material During Industrial Test in Cement Kiln Preheater 199
Dominika Madej, Jacek Szozerba, and Krzysztof Dul

Influence of Andalusite Addition and Particle Size on Properties of Bauxite-Silicon Carbide Brick 221
Jinxing Ding, Guotian Ye, Yaozheng Li, Lin Yuen, and Anping Fu

Developments in Basic Refractories

Microstructural and Physico-Chemical Evolution of Al2O3 and Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Doped Magnesia (MgO) Sintered at 1600 °C 245
C. Gomez Rodriguez, T.K. Das Roy, S. Shaji, G.A. Castillo Rodriguez, and L. Garcia Quinonez

Development of Planar and Cylindrical Refractories with Graded Microstructure 267
Uwe Scheithauer, Tim Slawik, Kristin Haderk, Tassilo Moritz, and Alexander Michaelis

Aluminates Influence on Evolution of the Thermomechanical Properties of Refractory Materials from the CaO-MgO-Al2O3-ZrO2 System 285
J. Szczerba, M. Szymaszek, E. Sniezek, D. Madej, R. Prorok, and I. Jastrzebska

Metastability in the MgAl204-Al2O3 System 303
Kelley R. Wilkerson, Jeffrey D. Smith, and James G. Hemrick

Energy Savings Through Refractory Design

Improvement of Thermal Efficiency in Steel Ladles 345
Yong M. Lee, Sanjay Kumar, Jim Bradley, Lionel Rebouillat, and Norman Roy

Energy Saving of Slab Reheating Furnaces by Improvements of Refractories 355
Masaharu Sato, Takeuchi Tomohide, Kohno Kohji, and Shimpo Akihiro

Novel Generation of Kiln Furniture 361
U. Scheithauer, C. Freytag, K. Haderk, T. Moritz, M. Zins, and A. Michaelis

Global Education in Refractories

Iron and Steel Making Refractories-Blast Furnace Troughs

Irons and Steel Making Refractories-BOF

Iron and Steel Making Refractories-Coke Ovens

Influence of Thermal Expansion Behavior on the Adhesive Strength of Silica Mortor 499
Atsuya Kasai

Iron and Steel Making Refractories-Continuous Casting

Properties of Self-Glazing Al2O3-C-Refractories Influenced by the Graphite Content and Nanoscaled Additives 529
Susann Ludwig, Vasileios Roungos, and Christos G. Aneziris

Iron and Steel Making Refractories-General

Development of Active and Reactive Carbon-Bonded Filters for Steel Melt Filtration 565
M. Emmel and C.G. Aneziris

Different Fabrication Routes for Carbon-Bonded Al2O3-C and Their Influence on the Physical and Mechanical Properties 591
Yvonne Klemm, Horst Biermann, and Christos Aneziris

Optimum Quantity of Gas Blown into the Bore of Tundish Upper Nozzle 609
A. Mizobe, J. Kurisu, K. Tsuduki, M. Yamamoto, T. Oouchi, and K. Oki

Chemical Wear of Al2O3-MgO-C Bricks by Air and Basic Slags 649
Leonardo Musante, Pablo G. Galliano, Elena Brandaleze, Vanesa Munoz, and Anaira G. Tomba Martinez

Andalusite Applied in EAF Roof Castables 655
Xiao-Yong Xiong, Zong-Sun Mu, Zhi-Jian Li, and Feng Hu

Calcium Hexaluminate Distribution and Properties of Calcium Aluminate Cement Bonded Castables with Magnesium Chloride Addition 661
Qingfeng Wang, Guotian Ye, Yajuan Wang, Chuanyin Zhang, Yunfei Zhang, and Aiping Hua

Strengthening Mechanism of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets for Al2O3-C Refractories 679
Qinghu Wang, Yawei Li, Ming Luo, Shaobai Sang, Tianbin Zhu, and Lei Zhao

Iron and Steel Making Refractories-Ladies

Iron and Steel Making Refractories-Magnesia-Carbon

Iron and Steel Making Refractories-RH Snorkels

Iron and Steel Making Refractories-Spinel Castables

Thermal Shock Resistance of Alumina and Alumina-Rich Spinel Refractory Compositions Containing Aluminum Titanate 789
K. Moritz, S. Dudczig, C. G. Aneziris, D. Hesky, D. Veres, and N. Gerlach

Iron and Steel Making Refractories-Submerged Entry Nozzles

Modeling aned Simulation of Refractories

Thermomechanical Computations of Refractory Linings Accounting for Swelling Induced by Chemical Reaction 833
Tarek Merzouki, Eric Blond, Nicolas Schmitt, Emmanuel de Bilbao, and Alain Gasser

Infleunce of Different Masonry Designs of Bottom Linings
A. Gasser, L. Chen, F. Genty, J.L. Daniel, E. Blond, K. Andreev, and S. Sinnema

Towards Efficient Modeling on Slag Corrosion of Lightweight Corundum Spinel Castable for Ladle 863
Ao Huang, Gu Huazhi, and Zou Yang

Dissolution Rates of Solid Oxides into Molten Slags 869

Fuxiang Huang, Nobuhiro Maruoka, Akira Ishikawa, Jiang Liu, and Shin-ya Kitamura

An Analysis of Refractory Concrete Drying and a Mechanism for Explosive Spalling 875
Greg Palmer, Juan Cobos, James Millard, Tony Howes, and Edison Ge

Modeling Cracking in Refractory Materials Due to Thermal Cycling 881
A.A. Pandhari, P.V. Barr, D. Maijer, and S. Chiartano

The Load-Displacement Curve of Steady Crack Propagation: An Interesting Source of Information for Predicting the Thermal Shock Damage of Refractories 887
Dan Yushin Miyaji, Caio Zuccolotto Otofuji, and Jose de Anchieta Rodrigues

Geometry Dependent Effective Heat Conductivity of Open-Cell Foams Based on Kelvin Cell Models 897
J. Storm, M. Abendroth, and M. Kuna

Thermal Stress Distribution in Stopper by Finite Element Analysis 903
Yang Wengang, Liu Guoqi, Li Hongxia, Ma Tianfei, Quan Fan, and Yu Jianbin


Effect of Sodium Impurities on Phase and Microstructure Evolution in Calcium Aluminate Cement Bonded Castables at High Temperatures 911
J. Alex, L. Vandeperrea, B. Touzob, C. Parrb, and W.E. Lee

Influence of Microsilica on Mechanical Properties of Basic Castables 1013
J. Szczerba, R. Prorok, Z. Czapka, D. Madej, E. Sniezek, and I. Jastrzebska

Monoxide Refractory Systems

Wear of Graphite and Micropore Carbon by Synthetic PGM Matte 1069
B.M. Thethwayo and A.M. Garbers-Craig

Structure Evolution and Oxidation Resistance of Pyrolytic Carbon Derived From Fe Doped Phenol Resin 1075
Boquan Zhu, Guoping Wei, Xiangcheng Li, Lieying Ma, and Ying Wei


Porous Ceramics in the Al2O3-Al(OH)3 System 1121
Rafael Salomao, Adriane D. Souza, Leandro Fernandes, Lucioia L. Sousa, and Vera L. Arantes

Raw Materials

Effects of Particle Size and Impurities on Mullitization of Andalusite 1167
Shuang Li, Guotian Ye, Yunfei Zhang, Yuan Zhang, Xiujuan Song, and Chuanyin Zhang

Refractories for Chemical Processes

Mechanism of Wear Reduction in High Chrome Oxide Refractories Containing Phosphate Additions Exposed to Coal Slag 1199
James P. Bennett, Brent W. Riggs, Kyei Sing Kwong, and Jinichiro Nakano

Chemical Wear Mechanisms Obseved in Basic Bricks Removed From Two High-Carbon Ferrochrome Furnaces 1205
A.M. Garbers-Craig

Spinel-Based Refractories for Improved Performance in Coal Gasification Environments 1211
James G. Hemrick, Beth Armstrong, Angela Rodrigues-Schroer, Dominick Colavito, Jeffrey D. Smith, and Kelley O'Hara

Refractories for Glass

Understanding Microstructure/Properties Relationships Related to the Thermomechanical Behaviour of High Zirconia Refractories 137
C. Patapy, F. Gouraud, M. Huger, R. Guinebretiere, and T. Chotard

Refractories for Nonferrous Metallurgy

Development and Application of Improved Shotctrete Refractory for Aluminum Rotary Furnace Application 1279
James G. Hemrick, Angela Rodrigues-Schroer, Dominick Colavito, Jeffrey D. Smith, and Kelley O'Hara

Chromium-Free Complex Spinel Bonded Basic Castables 1291
Rahul Lodha, Hamidreza Zagar, Tom Troczynski, and George Oprea

Calcium Zirconate Refractories for Titanium Melts 1303
S. Schaffoner, B. Rotmann, H. Berek, B. Friedrich, and C.G. Aneziris

Functional Coatings on Alumina Foam Ceramics for Aluminum Filtration 1315
C. Voigt and C.G. Aneziris

Refractories for Waste to Energy Processing and Power

Safety, Environmental Issues, and Recycling

Analysis of Chemical Valence of Chromium in Cr2O3-Containing Refractories Used in Different High-Temperature Furnaces
Chenchen Yao, Guotian Ye, Yuandong Mu, Xiujuan Song, and Juan Ma

Author Index 1377