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Process Analyzer Sample-Conditioning System Technology

Process Analyzer Sample-Conditioning System Technology

Robert E. Sherman

ISBN: 978-0-471-29364-4

Jan 2002

648 pages

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This resource provides both novice and experienced technologist with the technical background necessary to choose sample conditioning system components that will allow the process analyzer system to function reliably with minimal maintenance.
The conditioned process sample presented to the process analyzer should be of similar quality to the calibration material used to zero and span the analyzer. Filling a long-standing void in the process field, this book addresses the system concept of Process Analyzer Sample-Conditioning Technology in light of the critical importance of delivering a representative sample of the process stream to the process analyzer. Offering detailed descriptions of the equipment necessary to prepare process samples, and listings of two or more vendors (when available) for equipment reviewed, Process Analyzer Sample-Conditioning System Technology discusses:

-The importance of a ""truly representative sample""
-Sample probes, transfer lines, coolers, and pumps
-Sample transfer flow calculations for sizing of lines and system components
-Particulate filters, gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separation devices
-Sample pressure measurement and control
-Enclosures and walk-in shelters, their electrical hazard ratings and climate control systems

With extensive system and component examples–including what worked and what didn’t–Process Analyzer Sample-Conditioning System Technology gives the new technologist a basic source of design parameters and performance-proven components as well as providing the experienced professional with a valuable reference resource to complement his or her experience.


Chapter 1: Sample Probes.

Chapter 2: Sample Transfer Lines.

Chapter 3: Particular Filters.

Chapter 4: Sample Coolers.

Chapter 5: Sample Pumps.

Rotary (Centrifugal, Gear, Vane) Pumps.

Metering (Bellows, Diaphragm, Infusion, Peristaltic, Piston, Positive Displacement) Pumps.

Ejector (Jet) Pumps.

Chapter 6: Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Separation Devices.

Chapter 7: Sample Flow Rate Measurement and Control.

Chapter 8: Sample Pressure Measurement and Control.

Chapter 9: Material Considerations.

Chapter 10: Enclosures and Their Electrical-Hazard Rating.

Chapter 11: Enclosures and Their Climate Control.

Chapter 12: System and Component Examples: Systems That Worked and Why They Worked;
Systems That Did Not Work and Why They Did Not Work.

Appendix A: System Component Source Summary (Alphabetic).

Appendix B: System Component Source Summary (Chapter/Subject).

Appendix C: Typical Enclosure and Walk-in Process Analyzer System Shelter Documentation Drawing Packages.

Appendix D: Conversion Factors and Reference Tables for Process Analyzer Sample Conditioning System Design.

Appendix E: ISA Analysis Division Technical Interest Groups.

Appendix F: Two Guides for Sizing Sample Lines and Flow Indicators.


""...a work that deserves a place in every corporate library where on-stream analysis is important to the company's long-term economic health."" (Control Magazine, March 15, 2002)