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Process Analyzer Technology

Process Analyzer Technology

Kenneth J. Clevett

ISBN: 978-0-471-88316-6

Jul 1986

960 pages

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Updated version of the Handbook of Process Stream Analysis (1973), with several new chapters and reorganization of others. Provides a practical, in-depth treatment of the chemistry and instrumentation involved with analyzer technology. Supplies complete data on design, installation, and maintenance of analytic instruments for a variety of on-line operations with the aim of effecting savings in production, product giveaway, operating manpower and energy conservation. Gives background and fundamentals.

Viscosity Measurement.

Boiling Point Measurement.

Flash Point Measurement.

Pour Point, Cloud Point, and Associated Measurements.

Vapor Pressure Measurement.

Oxygen Measurement.

Hydrogen Sulfide and Total Sulfur Measurement.

Spectrometric Measurements.

Moisture Measurement.

Air Quality Monitoring.

Water Quality Monitoring.

Measurement of Octane Number.

Thermal Conductivity Measurement.

Measurement of Refractive Index.

Combustion Efficiency Monitoring and Control.

Analyzer Data Systems.

Sample Handling Systems.

Design and Installation of Analyzer Systems.

Calibration and Correlation.

Maintenance and Performance.


The Role of Analyzers in Process Control Systems.