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Process Control Engineering

Process Control Engineering

Martin Polke (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61572-8 September 2008 487 Pages




This book surveys methods, problems, and tools used in process control engineering. Its scope has been purposely made broad in order to permit an overall view of this subject.

This book is intended both for interested nonspecialists who wish to become acquainted with the discipline of process control engineering and for process control engineers, who should find it helpful in identifying individual tasks and organizing them into a coherent whole.

A central concern of this treatment is to arrive at a consistent and comprehensive way of thinking about process control engineering and to show how the several specialities can be organically fitted into this total view.
Information Structures in Process Control
Process Models
Process Control
Operational Control of Chemical Plants
Sensor Systems
Field Installation and Cable Routing
Actuator Systems
Distributed Control Systems
Field Bus Systems
Computer-Integrated Production
Computer-Aided Methods
Design and Construction of Process Control Systems
Human-Process Communications
Process Analysis and Process Optimization