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Process Risk Management Systems

Process Risk Management Systems

W. F. Kenney

ISBN: 978-0-471-18791-2

Aug 1993

373 pages

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Written by a true pioneer in the field, this handbook pinpoints the essential principles behind a sound risk management program and provides the specifics needed to define, design, and implement practical risk management systems for industrial plants.

The creator of numerous risk management techniques, W. F. Kenney, shares his vision for industry's safer future in a methodical, easy-to- follow manner. He explains how to draw individual system components together to determine the inherent risks in specific plant situations. Numerous examples demonstrate the practical application of these principles for hazard identification, inherent safety, ensuring containment etc. The individual areas are then brought together to form a comprehensive system, which is then compared to various regulations currently enforced in the U.S. Kenney also reveals lesser-known management strategies and procedures, along with examples and analyses of their results.

Risk management systems require flexibility for local variations and individual hazards. Risk Management provides the information to assess and deal with risk in a responsible and economically viable manner.
Glossary of Acronyms/
Fundamentals and Principles/
Management Role/
Hazard Identification/
Is this Hazard Necessary?/
Risk Identification/
Risk Assessment/
Management of Change/
Risk Control/Reduction I: Mechanical Aspects/
Risk Control/
Reduction II: Procedures, Behavior Aspects/
Emergency Preparedness and Response/
Managing Follow-up/
Creating a Working System/