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Processing, Properties, and Applications of Glass and Optical Materials



Processing, Properties, and Applications of Glass and Optical Materials

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This publication provides an excellent one-stop resource for understanding the most important current issues in the research in processing, properties and applications in glass and optical materials.

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New Concepts for Energy Efficient & Emission Friendly Melting of Glass 5
Ruud Beerkens

Thermal Versus Chemical Constraints for the Efficiency of Industrial Glass Melting Furnaces 25
Reinhard Conradt

Future of Glass Melting through the In-Flight Melting Technique 37
S. Inoue, T. Watanabe, T. Yano, O. Sakamoto, K. Satoh, S. Kawachi, and T. Iseda

Application of the In-Flight Melting Technology to an Alkaline Free Borosilicate Glass 45
O. Sakamoto, C. Tanaka, S. Miyazaki, N. Shinohara, and S. Ohkawa

Test Results of the In-Flight Glass Melting using One-Ton/Day Large Scale Experimental Melter 51
Masanori Iwamoto, Keizoh Satoh, Yasunori Ebihara, Osama Sakamoto, Chikao Tanaka, and H. Segawa

Energy Efficiency Simulations Using Fully Coupled and Controlled Regenerative Furnace Model 59
Miroslav Trochta, Jiff Brada, and Erik Muijsenberg

Strategic High Quality Quartz Supply for Fusion into Silica Glass 69
Carlos K. Suzuki, Murilo F. M. Santos, Eduardo Ono, Eric Fujiwara, Delson Torikai, and Armando H. Shinohara


Medical Interactions with Glass Packaging Surfaces 77
R. G. lacocca

Microstructural Phase Separation and Delamination in Glass for Pharma Applications 85
Patrick K. Kreski and Arun K. Varshneya

Surface and Interface Modification of Silicate Glass via Supercritical Water 91
Shingo Kanehira, Kazuyuki Hirao, Takahiro Maruyama, and Tsutomu Sawano

Demands and Achievements in Current Glass Container Strengthening 97
C. Roos and G. Lubitz

The Chemistry of Chemical Strengthening of Glass 107
Arun K. Varshneya and Patrick K. Kreski

A Study of Silica Glass Fiber Structure and Elastic Properties, Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations 115
Laura Adkins and Alastair Cormack

Effect of Glass Composition on Silanol Content: A Study of Green versus Solar Glass 125
Sefina Ali and Dan Bennett

Coating Methods for the Strength Increase of Containers: New Results on Nano Particle Alumina Coatings 135
K. Czarnacki and J. Wasylak

Effect of Ti02 Addition on the Distribution of Phosphorus Associated with Phase Separation of Borosilicate Glasses 145
Y. Ohtsuki, S. Sakida, Y. Benino, and T. Nanba

Glass-Ceramics from Kinescope Glass Cullet 151
M. Reben, J. Wasylak, and M. Kosmal

Functional and Structural Characterizations of Fresnoite Glass-Ceramics Oriented with UST Technique 161
Y. Benino, A. Endo, S. Sakida, and T. Nanba

Surface Tension of Bi203-B203-Si02 Glass Melts 167
Chawon Hwang, Bong Ki Ryu, and Shigeru Fujino

Oxidation Behavior of Nitrogen Rich AE-Si-O-N GLASSES (AE = Ca, Sr, Ba) 173
Sharafat Ali and Bo Jonson


Tellurium Oxide Thin Film Waveguides for Integrated Photonics 181
Khu T. Vu and Steve J. Madden

Fabrication of Micro Structures Composed of Metallic Glasses Dispersed Oxide Glasses by Using Micro Stereolithography 187
Maasa Nakano, Satoko Tasaki, and Soshu Kirihara

Crystallization and Optical Loss Studies of Dy3+-Doped, Low Ga Content, Selenide Chalcogenide Bulk Glasses and Optical Fibers 193
Zhuoqi Tang, David Furniss, Michael Fay, Nigel C. Neate, Slawomir Sujecki, Trevor M. Benson, and Angela B. Seddon

Fabrication and Characterization of Er3+-Doped Tellurite Glass Waveguides by Ag+-Na+ Ion-Exchange Method Using a Dry Electromigration Process 201
S. Sakida, K. Kimura, Y. Benino, and T. Nanba

Spectral Properties of Bi-Er-Yb Triply Doped Borosilicate Glasses with 805nm Excitation 209
Dong Hoon Son, Bok Hyeon Kim, Seung Ho Lee, Sang Youp Yim, and Won-Taek Han

Fabrication and Estimation of Diffusion Coefficient of Pb in PbO/Ge02-Codoped Optical Fiber with Thermally Expanded Core 219
Seongmin Ju, Pramod R. Watekar, Dong Hoon Son, Taejin Hwang, and Won-Taek Han

Effects of Reducing Agent on Photoluminescence Properties of Copper Ion Doped Alkali Borosilicate Phase-Separated Glasses 227
Fumitake Tada, Sayaka Yanagida, and Atsuo Yasumori

The Role of Chemical Composition and Mean Coordination Number in Ge-As-Se Ternary Glasses 233
Rong-Ping Wang, Duk Yong Choi, Steve Madden, and Barry Luther-Davies

Author Index 239