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Processing Materials for Properties III (PMP III)

Processing Materials for Properties III (PMP III)

Brajendra Mishra (Editor), A. Fuwa (Editor), P. Bhandhubanyong (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-873-39727-8

Dec 2008

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The main themes of the Processing Materials for Properties conference are presented in this volume: prominent materials processing technologies, materials properties and applications, and process-structure-property pathway. Special emphasis is placed on electronics, energy and the environment, including processing aspects of materials research, development and production; materials modeling; computation; characterization; and properties.

Topics include:

  • Materials processing technology: high temperature processing, thin film deposition, casting, powder processing, aqueous and electrolytic processing, rapid processing
  • Focused materials: metallic, ceramic, polymeric, composite, bulk, thin film, powder, nanopowder
  • Properties and applications: structural, electronic, magnetic, optical, energy
  • Functional products: fuel cells, solar cells, flat panel display, LED, data storage, Environmental (materials for CO2 sequestration, soil remediation, water treatment)