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Productivity: Get Motivated, Get Organised and Get Things Done



Productivity: Get Motivated, Get Organised and Get Things Done

Gill Hasson

ISBN: 978-0-857-08784-3 May 2019 Capstone 136 Pages


Productivity Is Personal!

When it comes to your own productivity, the smartest thing you can do is to learn what works best for you.

Personal development author Gill Hasson helps you to discover how to manage your time and get things done with less stress and more efficiency.

Being productive involves finding your own rhythm and getting things done in a way that works best for you; according to your circumstances, your skills and abilities and the time, energy and resources you have.

Productivity helps you to identify what might currently be getting in the way of you being more productive. It has plenty of ideas and suggestions, tips and techniques to help you get organised and be more productive.

  • Develop a personal productivity mindset
  • Identify your optimum times of day
  • Plan your time purposefully
  • Manage difficulties and setbacks

Rather than work harder, work smarter. This book shows you how!

Introduction ix

1 What’s Stopping You? 1

2 Know Yourself 13

3 Get Organized 25

4 Manage The Difficulties And Setbacks 59

5 Deal With Other People 87

6 Look After Yourself 105

About The Author 115

Index 117