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Products, Applications, and Services Showcase

Products, Applications, and Services Showcase

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

ISBN: 978-1-118-78815-8

Sep 2013

916 pages


Furnaces and Casting Technology

Furnaces for the New Business Trends 3
J. Urbanek

Heat Treatment Plant for Aluminum Parts 23
H. Kehler

New Developments for the EMP Systems 45
A. Peel

Advanced Monolithic Refractories for Lining Aluminium Melting & Holding Furnaces 87
D. Jones

Superwool Products - High Temperature Alternatives to Refractory Ceramic Fibers 129
L.J. Casper son

The Real Cost of Alloying in the Cast House 161
E.C. Burhop

The Manufacturing, Use and Plant Test Results of TF Combo Bags for DC Sheet Ingot Casting 193
S.P. Tremblay and M. Ruel

Conform™ - The Use of Alternative Feedstock Materials 229
P.M. Thomas

Reduction Technology & Laboratory Analysis

Clayburn Dri-Barrier Mix: Its Application as a Barrier Lining in Reduction Cells 267
R. Smith

New Busbars for Smelters 293
S. Risser and G. Hudault

MOELLER Direct Pot Feeding System 315
C. Duwe and K. von Geldem

New Generation of Tapping Vehicles 331
J. Canavan

Rockwell, Vickers, or Nanoindentation? 343
D. Yang, S. Downs, O. Warren, A. Strom and T. Wyrobek

Author Index 363