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Professional BlackBerry

Professional BlackBerry

Craig J. Johnston, Richard Evers

ISBN: 978-0-471-75763-4

Jul 2005

308 pages

Select type: E-Book

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  • BlackBerrys enable users to stay connected with wireless access to e-mail, calendars, and corporate data; they have a phone and a Web browser in addition to other wireless features
  • Written by a BlackBerry insider with assistance from Research in Motion, this book covers support topics ranging from setting up BlackBerry pilot programs to developing applications that let BlackBerry users access corporate data and systems remotely
  • Key topics include how to deploy BlackBerrys within the organization, how to create push applications to extend the functionality of BlackBerrys, and how to implement new features of the latest BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 4.0
  • Details rolling out BlackBerrys to users in an easy and controlled manner, planning for disaster recovery, and developing Web-based applications using mobile Web technology


Part I: Understanding, Planning for, and Installing BlackBerry.

Chapter 1: System Architecture.

Chapter 2: Planning Your First BlackBerry Installation.

Chapter 3: Deploying the Desktop Software.

Chapter 4: Upgrading Your BlackBerry Environment.

Chapter 5: Installing or Upgrading the Handheld Software.

Chapter 6: Monitoring and Enhancing Your BlackBerry Environment.

Chapter 7: Managing Your BlackBerry Users.

Chapter 8: Disaster-Recovery Planning.

Part II: Expanding the Reach of Your BlackBerry Environment.

Chapter 9: Introduction to Mobile Data Service and Simulators.

Chapter 10: BlackBerry Web Portal.

Chapter 11: The BlackBerry Channel.

Chapter 12: The BlackBerry Web Message and Cache Content.

Chapter 13: Developing BlackBerry Java Applications.

Chapter 14: The Plazmic Media Engine.

Appendix A: Wireless Markup Language Reference.

Appendix B: WMLScript Compendium.

Appendix C: Java Low Memory Manager: A Development Guide.

Appendix D: Writing Efficient J2ME Software.

Appendix E: User Interface Coding Tips.

Appendix F: Storing Data Persistently.


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