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Professional C# 2005 with .NET 3.0

Professional C# 2005 with .NET 3.0

Christian Nagel, Bill Evjen, Jay Glynn, Karli Watson, Morgan Skinner

ISBN: 978-0-470-18056-3

Jun 2007

1748 pages

Select type: E-Book

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  • Preparing readers to program in C#, this authoritative guide provides the necessary background information on how the .NET architecture works
  • Begins with a tutorial on C# 2005 and the .NET 3.0 Framework, then moves through the vast .NET class library, showing how C# can be used to solve various tasks
  • Includes coverage of the new .NET 3.0 Framework, Generics, ObjectSpaces, .NET 3.0 in SQL Server, ASP.NET 3.0, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, arrays, system transactions, tracing, and event logging
  • Additional coverage includes such topics as writing Windows applications and Windows services, writing Web pages and Web services with ASP.NET 3.0, manipulating XML using C# 2005, and generating graphics using C# 2005

Part I: The C# Language.

Chapter 1: .NET Architecture.

Chapter 2: C# Basics.

Chapter 3: Objects and Types.

Chapter 4: Inheritance.

Chapter 5: Arrays.

Chapter 6: Operators and Casts.

Chapter 7: Delegates and Events.

Chapter 8: Strings and Regular Expressions.

Chapter 9: Generics.

Chapter 10: Collections.

Chapter 11: Memory Management and Pointers.

Chapter 12: Reflection.

Chapter 13: Errors and Exceptions.

Part II: Visual Studio.

Chapter 14: Visual Studio 2005.

Chapter 15: Deployment.

Part III: Base Class Libraries.

Chapter 16: Assemblies.

Chapter 17: Tracing and Events.

Chapter 18: Threading and Synchronization.

Chapter 19: .NET Security.

Chapter 20: Localization.

Chapter 21: Transactions.

Chapter 22: Windows Services.

Chapter 23: COM Interoperability.

Part IV: Data.

Chapter 24: Manipulating Files and the Registry.

Chapter 25: Data Access with .NET.

Chapter 26: Manipulating XML.

Chapter 27: .NET Programming with SQL Server 2005.

Part V: Presentation.

Chapter 28: Windows Forms.

Chapter 29: Viewing .NET Data.

Chapter 30: Graphics with GDI+.

Chapter 31: Windows Presentation Foundation.

Chapter 32: ASP.NET Pages.

Chapter 33: ASP.NET Development.

Chapter 34: ASP.NET AJAX.

Part VI: Communication.

Chapter 35: Accessing the Internet.

Chapter 36: Web Services with ASP.NET.

Chapter 37: .NET Remoting.

Chapter 38: Enterprise Services.

Chapter 39: Message Queuing.

Chapter 40: Windows Communication Foundation.

Chapter 41: Windows Workflow Foundation.

Chapter 42: Directory Services.

Part VII: Additional Information.

Chapter 43: C#, Visual Basic, and C++/CLI.

Chapter 44: Windows Vista.

Chapter 45: Language Integrated Query.


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Bonus Chapter: Appendix D - C# for C++ Developers Download
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Bonus Chapter: Appendix B - C# for Visual Basic 6 Developers Download
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Bonus Chapter: Appendix A - Principles of Object-Oriented Programming Download
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Bonus Chapter: Appendix C - C# for Java Developers Download
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Code Localization Download
xliiiTypo in Code,Mid-page, in code example:

Should be:
XLIVError in Code,In the first code segment on this page, the word partial is omitted between public and class . From my experiments with the compiler, you cannot attach a partial class definition (as in the second block of code) unless all the definitions include the word partial .11/21/2007
41Error in Text,in the integer types table:


should be:

44Error in Text,Decimal Type table is listed as both Decimal Type and Boolean Type.

Table should appear as:

Name bool
CTS Type System.Boolean
Values true or false

A new version of page 44 showing the correct table is available in the Downloads section.
52Error in Code,for (int i = 0; i < 100; i+1)

Should be:

for (int i = 0; i < 100; i = i+1)
63Error in Text,rogram

should be:

77Error in Code,public int subscriberId;

should be:

public int _subscriberId;
99Error in Code,public Car ( ... ) : this(Model,4)

should be :

public Car ( ... ) : this(description,4)
132Error in Code,if ((result == Withdraw(amount))

should be:
if ((result = Withdraw(amount)))
137Error in Text, Declaring this 2-dimensional array with C# is done by putting a semicolon inside the brackets.

should be:
Declaring this 2-dimensional array with C# is done by putting a comma inside the brackets.
138Error in Text,mid-page:

By using two semicolons inside the brackets, you can declare a 3-dimensional array:

should be:
By using two commas inside the brackets, you can declare a 3-dimensional array:
149Error in Code,Enumerator enumerator = new Enumerator();

should be:

Enumerator enumerator = new Enumerator(0);
151Error in Example,for (int i = 3; i >= 0; i-)

Should be:
for (int i = 3; i >= 0; i--)
198Error in Text,The first text block after the code snippet currently reads:
�you would get a compilation error if you tried to initialize the variable firstStringMethod with any method that did not take any parameters and return a string.

Should read:
�you would get a compilation error if you tried to initialize the variable firstStringMethod with any method that did not take zero parameters and return a string.
217Addition to Text,Add the variable busEntity referencing a new object of type BusEntity to the class Form1:
private BusEntity busEntity = new BusEntity();
218Error in Code,The word brackets needs to be removed from code.08/30/2007
8231Error in Figure 8-2,In Figure 8-2 the last box:

StringBuilder.AppendFormat( 0 ,D)

Should be

StringBuilder.AppendFormat( {0} ,1)