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Professional C++, 4th Edition

Professional C++, 4th Edition

Marc Gregoire

ISBN: 978-1-119-42130-6

Apr 2018

1100 pages


Get up to date quickly on the new changes coming with C++17

Professional C++ is the advanced manual for C++ programming. Designed to help experienced developers get more out of the latest release, this book skims over the basics and dives right in to exploiting the full capabilities of C++17. Each feature is explained by example, each including actual code snippets that you can plug into your own applications. Case studies include extensive, working code that has been tested on Windows and Linux, and the author's expert tips, tricks, and workarounds can dramatically enhance your workflow. Even many experienced developers have never fully explored the boundaries of the language's capabilities; this book reveals the advanced features you never knew about, and drills down to show you how to turn these features into real-world solutions.

The C++17 release includes changes that impact the way you work with C++; this new fourth edition covers them all, including nested namespaces, structured bindings, string_view, template argument deduction for constructors, parallel algorithms, generalized sum algorithms, Boyer-Moore string searching, string conversion primitives, a filesystem API, clamping values, optional values, the variant type, the any type, and more. Clear explanations and professional-level depth make this book an invaluable resource for any professional needing to get up to date quickly.

  • Maximize C++ capabilities with effective design solutions
  • Master little-known elements and learn what to avoid
  • Adopt new workarounds and testing/debugging best practices
  • Utilize real-world program segments in your own applications

C++ is notoriously complex, and whether you use it for gaming or business, maximizing its functionality means keeping up to date with the latest changes. Whether these changes enhance your work or make it harder depends on how well-versed you are in the newest C++ features. Professional C++ gets you up to date quickly, and provides the answers you need for everyday solutions.

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Part 1: Introduction to Professional C++

            Chapter 1: A Crash Course in C++ and the Standard Library

            Chapter 2: Working with Strings and String Views

            Chapter 3: Coding with Style

Part 2: Professional C++ Software Design

            Chapter 4: Designing Professional C++ Programs

            Chapter 5: Designing with Objects

            Chapter 6: Designing for Reuse

Part 3: C++ Coding the Professional Way

            Chapter 7: Gaining Proficiency with Classes and Objects

            Chapter 8: Mastering Classes and Objects

            Chapter 9: Discovering Inheritance Techniques

            Chapter 10: C++ Quirks, Oddities, and Incidentals

            Chapter 11: Writing Generic Code with Templates

            Chapter 12: Demystifying C++ I/O

            Chapter 13: Handling Errors

            Chapter 14: Overloading C++ Operators

            Chapter 15: Overview of the C++ Standard Library

            Chapter 16: Understanding Containers and Iterators

            Chapter 17: Mastering Standard Library Algorithms

            Chapter 18: String Localization and Regular Expressions

            Chapter 19: Additional Library Utilities

Part 4: Mastering Advanced Features of C++

            Chapter 20: Customizing and Extending the Standard Library

            Chapter 21: Advanced Templates

            Chapter 22: Memory Management

            Chapter 23: Multithreaded Programming with C++

Part 5: C++ Software Engineering

            Chapter 24: Maximizing Software Engineering Methods

            Chapter 25: Writing Efficient C++

            Chapter 26: Conquering Debugging

            Chapter 27: Become adept at testing

            Chapter 28: Incorporating Design techniques and frameworks
            Chapter 29: Applying design patterns

            Chapter 30: Developing Cross-Platform and Cross-Language Applications
Back Matter

Appendix A: C++ Interviews

Appendix B: Annotated Bibliography

Appendix C: Standard Library Header Files

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