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Professional Development with Web APIs: Google, eBay,, MapPoint, FedEx

Professional Development with Web APIs: Google, eBay,, MapPoint, FedEx

Denise M. Gosnell

ISBN: 978-0-764-59751-0

Apr 2005

324 pages

Select type: E-Book

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  • Shows developers how to harness the power of services such as Google, eBay, PayPal, and from within an application, whether it is Web-based, Windows-based, or even a Microsoft Office application
  • After a quick review of the basics, readers will dive into more advanced techniques such as calling the APIs from mobile devices, Office VBA programs, Windows Forms and Web applications, and even how to integrate the various APIs together for a complete solution
  • Veteran Wrox author Denise Gosnell skillfully guides readers through the ins and outs of the various services, the anatomy of an API query, which features are available via the APIs, and how to get results from their own applicationsReaders will build two fully functional applications to apply what they have learned-one a Windows program, the other a Web application


Chapter 1: Anatomy of a Web API.

Chapter 2: Using the Google API.

Chapter 3: Using the MapPoint API.

Chapter 4: Using the APIs.

Chapter 5: Using the eBay API.

Chapter 6: Using the PayPal API.

Chapter 7: Other Web APIs.

Chapter 8: Calling Web APIs from Mobile Devices.

Chapter 9: Calling Web APIs from Microsoft Office.

Chapter 10: Creating Your Own Web API.

Chapter 11: Case Study 1—Customer Relations Management Application.

Chapter 12: Case Study 2—Executive Dashboard Application.


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