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Professional Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

Professional Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

Woodrow W. Windischman, Bryan Phillips, Asif Rehmani

ISBN: 978-0-470-54927-8

Jul 2009

552 pages

Select type: E-Book

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With Professional Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, you can master all aspects of using Share Point Designer in an Enterprise environment to enhance Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. Review key integration points, how to use CSS editing tools to create and modify SharePoint themes, how to supplement SharePoint Designer functionality by using Microsoft Visual Studio, and how to create a rich interactive experience. If you need to connect SharePoint with other enterprise resources or create components to integrate into the SharePoint framework, this book will show you how to accomplish these tasks.

Part I: The Basics.

Chapter 1: Exploring SharePoint Designer.

Chapter 2: SharePoint from the User’s Perspective.

Chapter 3: SharePoint from the Administrator’s Perspective.

Chapter 4: SharePoint from a SharePoint Designer’s Perspective.

Part II: Customizing the SharePoint Look and Feel.

Chapter 5: The Anatomy of a SharePoint Page.

Chapter 6: Using SharePoint Designer’s CSS Editing Tools.

Chapter 7: The Anatomy of a Theme.

Chapter 8: Master Pages and Layouts.

Part III: Applications without Programming.

Chapter 9: Building Your Own Workflows.

Chapter 10: Working with SharePoint Data.

Chapter 11: Advanced Data Access: External Data and More.

Chapter 12: Working with Forms.

Part IV: Programming on the Client Side.

Chapter 13: The Content Editor Web Part.

Chapter 14: The SharePoint Client-Side Object Model.

Part V: Beyond SharePoint Designer.

Chapter 15: Creating Workflow Elements in Visual Studio.

Chapter 16: Creating Custom Web Parts.

Chapter 17: Creating SharePoint Designer Add-ins.

Chapter 18: A Little Administration.

Appendix A: A Brief History of SharePoint and SharePoint Designer.


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