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Professional PHP6

Professional PHP6

Ed Lecky-Thompson, Steven D. Nowicki

ISBN: 978-0-470-39509-7

Apr 2009

744 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Publishing in tandem with the long-awaited release of PHP 6, this book reveals the inside scoop for pushing the limits of how to maximize the full feature set of PHP 6. You’ll learn how to use PHP 6 in the larger scheme of enterprise-class software development and practical examples and behind-the-scenes information will improve your skills for designing and building better large-scale, high-performance platforms using PHP 6.

I. Fundamentals of Professional Development.

1. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming.

2. Unified Modeling Language (UML).

3. Putting Objects to Work.

4. Design Patterns.

5. Collections.

6. Database Abstraction and PDO.

II. Learning Advanced Development Techniques.

7. Object-Relation Mapping.

8. Event-Driven Programming.

9. Logging and Debugging.

10. Writing and Using Web Services.

11. Communicating with Users.

12. Sessions and Authentication.

13. Application Architecture.

14. PHP Application Frameworks.

III. A Real-World Case Study.

15. Project Overview.

16. Project Management.

17. Project Planning.

18. Systems Architecture.

19. Building the Application.

20. Quality Assurance and Testing.

21. Deployment.

IV. Pushing PHP to Its Limits.

22. Content Management in the PHP World.

23. Handling High Traffic and High Availability.

24. PHP Advocacy.

25. Your Career as a PHP Professional.

V. Appendixes.

Appendix A. Version control.

Appendix B. PHP IDEs.

Appendix C. Performance Tuning PHP.

Appendix D. Best Practice PHP Installation.


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113Text correction: Error in code under ""Destroying Objects"",In the code block following the SQL statement and the data (the third shaded box on the page),

$sql = SELECT \ name , \ description\ FROM widget WHERE widgetid =
    $widgetID ;

should read:
$sql = SELECT \ name\ , \ description\ FROM widget WHERE widgetid =
    $widgetID ;