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Professional Portfolio Management

Professional Portfolio Management

Scott Stewart, Christopher D. Piros, Jeffrey Heisler

ISBN: 978-1-119-39742-7

Mar 2019

592 pages


Professional Portfolio Management presents effective portfolio management practice, not simply portfolio theory.  The goal is to provide a primer for people who wish to run money professionally.  It is intended to include the information a serious portfolio manager would learn over a 20-year career, grounded in academic rigor, yet reflecting real business practice and presented in an efficient format.  Importantly, the book focuses on presenting tools to help manage a portfolio into the future.  That is what a portfolio manager is paid to do. While the book discusses the value of historical data, it guides the reader to think more about the implications for the future.

The book will include:

  • Development of advanced multi-period optimal asset allocation techniques (not simply traditional one-period) and illustration of forecasting methods that can be used in application
  • Formal development of theory that leads to accurate formulas, not shortcuts
  • Development and illustration of optimal equity and fixed income portfolio construction techniques
  • Extensive use of Excel templates to facilitate understanding and provide tools that can be immediately put to work by professionals
  • Stories from the business that bring to life what it’s like to actually run money
  • Well-tested cases based on real investment situations and supported by extensive materials
  • Presentation of the details of managing money including transaction costs, working with clients, and managing an investment business, that can make the difference between success and failure for investment professionals
  • Support for instructors including PowerPoint slides, sample exam questions, answers to end-of-chapter questions, sample syllabi and newly developed video lectures
  • The material is ideally suited for a new edition that combines electronic and print materials

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